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Dont stop if you have a bad day!!!


Getting there!!!
hey all,im just thinking about all the diets i have done since i was 20,lipotrim-3st,calorie counting-8lb,unislim-10lb,slimfast-?,slimming world-11lb,weight watchers-5lb,atkins-2st,high protein-2st,cambridge diet-13lb and so on!! oh my good god,im looking at this and its so freckin scary!!! how can someone put their body through so much *****! excuse the pun...
well because of all this im now trying to get my body to recover because of serious health complications! all in all i lost over 10stone and have kept nothing off! what a failure :( well they say that you havent failed if you keep trying so thats what i will be doing,if i have a bad day im sweeping it under the mat for once in my life and getting on with it! countless times ive joined all the diet forums on minimins and just disappeared after a week or watever cause i didnt stick it out,but lets motivate each other thru the good and bad days :D i hope by reading this everyone else will do the same! we are torturing our bodys going from one extreme to another,i wont be doing that again! Calorie control and some exercise will work so lets keep at it!
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Can relate, im 25 and tried most of the same diets as you in that list. Ive probably lost and gained the same 6 stone for the past 5 years or so.

I've also come to the realisation that im not perfect, i just need to stick to a plan through the good and bad. Im not 100% with SF but its enough to work for me. So im also now in for the long haul.

We will get there!!


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Yeah, tell me about it! I have regained about 2 stone of 3 I lost on a VLCD through careless eating and lack of exercise but I'm hoping to go via the steady & consistent route through calorie control and exercise now.
We can do it!


Getting there!!!
we sure can peeps,i had a totally bad day today,nothing went right for me and i only got time to eat at 7.30pm so being as hungry as i was i had macdonalds!!! so not looking forward to weigh in the morning,but ill be happy even with 1-2lb for my first week ;)


Getting there!!!
thanks a mil snakes and ladders,the way i need to see it now is if i keep doing what im doing it will come off,so ive lost 3lb since monday,im delighted!!! if i lost 1-2lb a week till xmas then ill be so muh slimmer and happier so im chuffed its coming down! slowly but surely is something ive never been patient with lol,but its the only way! x

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