Don't tell the bride....


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Does anyone watch this?
Have seen a few and it makes me wonder if the grooms should do a lot more of the organisation!? :confused:
Despite the brides having ideas of what they do and don't want the ones I have seen they all seem really thrilled by the results and it even seems to add to the joy of their day!?
I wonder how my hubby would haveplanned our day if I'd have let him he he!
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We're forever watching this, its kinda addictive after a bit!

Him indoors is determined to get me on it, but I flat refuse. Firstly, I am a control freak. And secondly, I am not going on TV. So that pretty much shoves that idea out the window!

But it does go to show that its the little thoughtful touches that mean the most, not the lavishness of it all. I also noticed that most brides want a stately home, but when they are taken to a tent, ship or a pub, once they realise the thought and reasons behind it, are very much in awe! Apart from the Vegas lady perhaps.......

We're currently in the very very VERY early stages of planning our wedding, and I find the 'outside the box' thinking to be quite inspiring. All 'wedding' venues round here are about £4k-£5k before you start adding anything, so I am aiming for 'outside the box' places.


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We applied for this but didn't get past the phone interview stage- seems OH had too good an idea of what I wanted. It was the money that enticed us, when we applied we were buying a house and skint, but now we can afford a "proper" wedding I'm glad we didn't do it. I don't think we ever really thought we'd get through to be honest, just a stab in the dark, but i'd be mortified now if we'd actually got to filming stages!

I would be happy for OH to plan our wedding though, he'd be great at it. He organised his sisters 21st birthday and it was the best party anyone had ever been to!