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Don't think i can hack it :(

I'm finding the effects of the induction extremely hard to live with. I haven't been able to take more than 1 bite of a meal without me pushing it away due to the nausea.

just 20 minutes ago i vomited when i tried to have some breakfast. I'm really starting to doubt if i can carry this on.

but maybe the worst part is over. since i threw up i don't feel nauseas anymore (atleast for now). and i just weighed myself and i've lost like 10-12lbs in 5 days.

i guess nothing that's worth having comes easy :rolleyes:
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how long have you been doing the diet ?, this feeling is normal to a certain extent, but the main problem is when people think of the diet as a NO carb diet and make themselves ill, you MUST make sure you are getting your 15-20 grams of carbs. I would be interested to know what you are eating.
Hmm, yes your symptoms do seem a bit extreme for atkins flu. There may be some other underlying cause that has co-incided with the start of your diet.

As Hellraiser has asked, can you give us some indication of your daily diet.

Cracking weight loss mind, but if you are feeling lousy thats not much consolation is it.
The recognised ratio should be 65% fat, 5% carbs, 30% protein.

I for one am not one for getting too technical with the diet but it helps to bear these in mind.
wow 10lbs-12 in 5 days is awesome. But I agree with everything that has been stated by the previous posts
hmm well on the average day i might have:

B: 2 slices of bacon with 2 scrambled eggs

L: can of tuna and mayo mixed with cellary

D: 2 chicken wings and maybe some bacon with it
I'm not the expert but maybe add some more veggie..
Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly Tranquilize.. Amazing loss in 5 days though, that's some good going!! There's hardly any carbs in that menu hun though, and a bit of celery isn't enough to get your vitamins n minerals.
Go and have a read of the stickie I posted, that lists all the allowed veggies on induction.
Salad is always goood. also I eat eggplant and cabbage..
You need to try and aim for 15g of your carb intake to be veggies, 1 cup of lettuce = 1.5g, 1/2 cup of celery, pepper, asparagus, courgette = 4.0. The cup sizes are american but are similar to our standard mug sizes.

Hope you feel better soon x
Here's the link to the atkins website too. It's the list of accepatable foods allowed on induction. I use it all the time. You need to be getting about 3 cups of veg in each day making up 15g ish of your 20g carb allowance. Helps with the fibre to keep things doing as they should as well as giving you the vits n mins you need.

Acceptable Foods List
Wow thats a great loss.

I think the others are right, you need to add some more carbs in there for sure. Some veg, salad.

And are you drinking enough? If i don't drink enough i can feel really really rough, very sicky and just not myself.
You need to make sure you are drinking plenty to flush everything out.
Hello and sorry you feel poorly :(

I'd echo what Louisa says, I had a couple of nauseous days, then realised I had only had a couple of glasses of water, not nearly enough! Ketostix help with this if you're using them, as if they are very dark that tends to mean dehydration.

Hope you feel better soon!
hey guys thanks alot for your support really appreciate it.

i didn't have any of those greens in the house and i was feeling way too poorly to go out and buy them, so i had a tiny bowl of cereal for some carbs and i felt much better.

i'm thinking that maybe atkins isn't for me, even the fact that i lost 12lbs in 5 days doesn't cover the fact that i've felt like utter ****(excuse the french) for the past days, i also missed a few days of college because of it. However, i think i will still stay on a low carb diet, just not one as severe as atkins. i will ease my way into getting more carbs into my diet.

once again, thank you all :)
It's a shame you're giving up when you're not doing it properly. Follow it to the letter and you'll feel so much better! Is it worth another try?
Good luck tranq on your on-going weight loss journey. I have to agree with penny give it another try but this time add more veggie, but if you have made up your mind then I understand. Good luck :)
If you are struggling this early on then maybe the diet is not for you, but I really do think that if you did try again after reading up a bit and understanding the diet better you would see that it is probably the best way to lose weight and feel happy.

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