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dont think I like the idea of that..

Have just watched bear grills......He is a gross sod- he is in africa and has to look for water and food.. he starts with scorpion-the smaller the better, bites the body off and chews on it- reckons it tastes gross. Thats cos you aint supposed to eat it mate!!
Then he see some vultures and realises that there has been a 'kill', so he goes and has a look -Ahh, a zebra! half eaten ,so he gets his knife out and starts hacking at the poor thing and then moans cos he ate a bad bit !!.
But then -to turn your stomach- he says if you cant find any water ,the best thing to get water from is...........(no not a cactus)
squeezing a fresh lump of elephant poo over your mouth !!. ARRGGGhh how gross can you get?:eek::eek:
come on bear is there really any need for that??
Give me SW any day !!!
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Give me Ray Mears anyday! Haha!
Never liked Bear Grills. Always been a Ray Mears kinda girl (helps that I think he's kinda cute too lol!)


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
haha bet bear doesn have to go n the slimming world though does he lmao maybe if all we ate was scorpions and elephant poo juice we would be ripped aswell hahaha oh this has made me chuckle
Oh Come on!! Lol.....Im sure that Scorpions are Super Speed Foods! Lol!!!!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i would try scorpion v ! i'd just dip it in chocolate or fry it in garlic not a problem , not sure bout elephant poo though i think that i'd just have a cup of tea instead
:8855::8855:....I dont think I could do this either!