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Don't understand it...


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for the last couple of days I have been on and off the wagon, i will start the day with good intentions, have my 1st shake, then dinner shake and then i will eat something just for the sheer hell of it but I am not really hungry, i thought eating would knock me out of ketosis (sp?) but i am never hungry and don't really need to eat, but am eating a little as i am on the 790 plan, i think i have eaten a bit more than 790kcals though. so do not being hungry mean that i'm still in ketosis or not?
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I think it would depend on what you are actually eating!!!

for instance if you ate 3oz of zero carb chicken, you would up your consumed calories but wouldb't brek ketosis,,, but if you have eaten a slice of taost, you would probably come out of Ketosis....

Why are you eating more? you have lost a great 10lbs so far.. you need to have a good chat with yourself.... grab back the control and just do the plan.... I find that writing things down.. the reasons for wanting to be slim vs the reasons for wanting to be fat, a powerful motivator for sticking to even the toughest days!

Hope you get on top of it!!!
Some peope can eat more than 790 calories and still be in ketosis, I have one lady who is doing the 1000 plan and is having weightloss on par nearly with SS, last week I asked her if she wanted to wee on a ketosix which she did and she is in ketosis on 1000 cal.

What you have to remember is even though you might still be in ketosis on more calories you will be slowing your weightloss down as you are giving your body extra calories to burn for energy before it has to look elsewere. For 100% results you need to stick to the 790 100%.



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Thanks all, I don't really understand myself and you are right i will do it this time i have got to have a good talking to myself! I am not hungry so why eat?! I think i am a bit depressed at the moment and that's why i am turning to food,(long story) I'm not bloody hungry so why eat?!!!


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Hi Nessa,

If you are not suffering the effects of physical hunger it sounds like the reason you are eating is mental &/or emotional hunger.

I know for me much of my weight gain was down to emotional over-eating. I have always turned to food when I am upset, stressed and anxious. Unfortunately when I am happy or just plain bored I also eat :eek: - so basically I would eat pretty much all of the time :doh:.

One of the reasons I was so keen to SS with CD when I started is that for me this is not just about the excellent weight losses you can achieve on this programme - I see my time on SS as a golden opportunity review and reset my relationship with food by learning to identify when I am stressed, bored etc before I resort to eating a whole packet of biscuits. Hopefully this will stand me in good stead to be able to maintain a healthly weight once I have got to goal - but we will just have to wait and see on that one :rolleyes:.

Like Anne suggested - maybe by writing your feelings down the next time you get the urge to eat this might help?


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Thank you, yeah i think i am eating because of mental/emotional feelings as i am not hungry just really fed up i think. I have been out and bought a note book so am going to write down when and why/time i am eating.

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