Dont wanna seem like I'm moaning!


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:D Hi everyone.:D

I just wanted to write a quick post re my weight loss.

This is my 6th week of being on CD and to date Ive lost 26lbs, but ive taken a photo today to compare with my before pic just to see if I can see a difference and I can't!!!

My clothes aren't really any different from before.

I really thought that by now, I'd have seen a difference.

Any advice would be gratefully received and I know it may seen Im moaning but I'm not, Im just confused.

Thanks so very much
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Hey hun...weight loss is the strangest thing...

There MUST be a difference somewhere....thats almost 2 stone you have lost!! Have you maybe asked anyone else to look at the pics in case they have seen a difference?

You have done really well to have lost so much in 6 weeks, maybe another few pounds will be wat it takes to actually feel the difference yourself


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maybe u just have a warped view of yourself? sorry that isnt intended to sound bad. i just think people can find it hard to see themselves achieving and can be far too self critical, even when faced with evidence.

have others mentioned u shrinking? do u take ur measurements? why not post the pics and we'll be nosey and tell u what we think :D

i have lost a stone and it definately dont show but then i have 10 stones to lose so the 1st one is just a drop in the ocean :sigh:

it could also be that u r losing it off ur back or legs? maybe it just isnt showing in the pic cos its coming off ur butt and the pics r a face on shot?

hope u arent feeling downhearted as u have lost loads and thats fab!!!


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Id suggest trying on some of your old clothes you will defo be able to see the difference then. How many sizes have you come down
Sometimes its hard to judge from a photo if youve lost weight, the same works in reverse when we put it on!


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Thanks for your replies.

Ive not come down an sizes!!! lol, thats the thing, im still in size 18's!!

Ive posted some pics on my gallery,
but If there is a genius out there that can do side by side view, Id be grateful coz i dont have a clue!!!

I think I did see a slight difference in my face actually from looking at them again.

OMG....I just looked at your photos.You CAN so see a difference. Not just a slight difference either... I BIG difference. You're looking great. Keep up the good work. You're doing well!!



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Well I think you look different Tracie - you have more of a waist, less thighs .......... and look good!

Sometimes when we go up through the sizes we are not very honest with ourselves. So we squeeze into a smaller size than we should. Therefore it takes us longer to get down to the next size if you understand me??? I think you will soon need the size 16's - good luck!


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
ooo u little fibber!!!

u look loads different. not saying that to make u feel good. u definately have scured goggles on if u cant see it urself. BIG difference all over ur body and face



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Wanna borrow my glasses :D
Definately a change there hunny!!


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You can see it!!!!!

OMG, arent you clever!!

How do I get them side by side?

Thats gr8, just seeing them actually side by side actually puts it all into perspective eh?

Oh, what was I thinking of?


I take my moan back, maybe I was more like a 20 before I started then!!!

Thanks everyone


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Thanks Charmed Wishes,

Ive saved the 4 pics as my wallpaper!

I cant believe I didn't think Id changed, but seeing it like that, its just so obvious

please scrap my post



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well i can absolutly, most deffinatly see a very marked difference, as the others said, sometimes we don't see the changes in ourselves, & you will prob be in those 16 sooner than you think, why not go out & try some on just to see, you'll prob surprise yourself hun


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Your very welcome hunny, and you going great guns.. WELL DONE!!

PS: have attached a bigger image for your wallpaper so its a bit clearer.. I use photoshop (badly) to alter images


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well I can most deffinatly see hips, cheek bones, and less padding in the bum area!

You most deffo look different!!
When I lost 3st last yr it took me a while to realise what I had lost, I was still focusing on the roll of tummy fat and big boobs, its was only one day in July when I was walking in town and saw my reflection in a shop window that I had to do a double take......and yes that slimmer person really was me!!!LOL

Keep focusing on all the things that have appeared, I loved laying down in bed and feeling my hips bones!!lol

You are going great guns keep up the good work honey!!

hugs Lou X


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You look fantastic...!!! 26lbs for the better... (if you get what i mean).. can't believe the difference... sometimes it takes for you to see photo's side by side to see a difference, surely your measurements should show a big difference too!!!

Keep up the good work!!