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Don't want to be a fat bridesmaid!

Hi there, I've been reading for a few days and we all seem to have started Lipotrim around the same time so I thought I'd join in for the moral support!

My sister is getting married this summer and she is a size 8-10 so I really don't want to be waddling down the aisle behing her!! 8-10 is a pipe dream for me as I know I couldnt sustain it (I love food too much) but a respectable size 12 would do me fine.

I've just completed day 6- hooray! Overall its been OK, I never thought I'd get to this point to be honest. The first few days were bad, I thought constantly about what I would eat when I came off the diet!! (still do a bit...) But now I just struggle at meal times. For example my husband just ate a delicious looking steak with home made chips right in front of me. TORTURE!! Luckily he's a fast eater and it didn't take long to disappear!!

Just reading about how much weight people have been losing has really spurred me on as I know I will lose it too if I carry on.

Looking forward to hearing what everyone loses over the next few days... including me!!!!
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Hello, welcome and good luck!

I had a similar starting weight to you and I'm now a quite slim size 12......it's sheer bliss! Just stick with it and I'm sure that you'll look lovely, who wants to be a size 8 anyway?

Ps you might want to have a look at your ticker?,
Ha ha yes I did notice that my ticker has not quite worked!!! Its my first attempt...

Have you been maintaining or are you still losing weight?


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Welcome and good luck :) xx
Ha ha yes I did notice that my ticker has not quite worked!!! Its my first attempt...

Have you been maintaining or are you still losing weight?
Maintaining until yesterday when I started ww to lose the final 10lbs......had a hip replacement last month and have been anaemic due to blood loss so I've been eating mega amounts of iron. I think I've lost a bit more but I don't actually know what my new hip weighs, seeing my Consultant this afternoon and am going to ask. Internet suggests it could be as much as 11lbs:eek:
In any event, it's part of me now so I guess that I had better get used to it!
Thanks. It really is good to check in everyday, it makes me more determined to continue tomorrow to hear of everyone else carrying on!

One week done!! Weighing in tomorrow, and feel good about it. Also feel great that I've done one week and therefore know that I can do another one!

Will post my results tomorrow.
Welcome frenchy x x x

Good luck for tomorrow, though i am sure you will do great x x


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Good luck for weigh in :) xx
Had my weigh in today and I lost 12lb!!!!!!! I can't believe it!
Definitly doing another week then.
Been starving today though. Probably just haven't drank enough cos I've been mega mega busy at work. Oh well, my working week is all over now and I can chill at home with my little boy (ha ha)


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Well done Frenchy, keep up the good work!
Well done Frenchy... Great loss x x x


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Awesome! Well done :D xx
Well done.... great loss!!! :D:D


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Well done! I've got my first wi tomorrow and would die of happiness if I lost that much! We've got similar starting weights/heights I'll be watching you like a hawk! (I'm not a stalker... honest!) Seriously though good on you. Have you done anything like LT before?

Check out my diary if you like, its on here somewhere and it is good to check in every day even if its to jot down a few feelings. I'm looking forward to reading it back when I'm "better" :giggle:

I'm aiming for a 12 week stint on LT before considering my options and hoping to lose 50lbs by then. All the best to you, look forward to hearing all about your journey. :D



Exclamation mark abuser!
Oh I do apologise!!! Just re read your info and it seems I have given myself a 100lb weight loss already pmsl! I so can't work out all this pounds stuff... can't we have stones and pounds? Well that's a bit embarrassing (mainly for you lol)

Depressed now, thanks a lot Frenchy! ;)

I still mean all the good wishes though! xx
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100 lb would be a great loss!! I do not get the whole pounds thing either, and if people start mentioning kilos then I'm totally confused (losing 5 kilos doesn't sound as good as losing 12 pounds!!)

Paula I did have a little read of your diary earlier...I love reading how people have been feeling, it makes me go to bed more positive about the next day, knowing that I'm not the only person doing this.
I MISS BREAKFAST!!! I don't want a fry up, just a lovely big bowl of special k and a glass of fruit juice. It all seems so unjust! I look longingly at the satsumas and it seems so wrong that I can't have one cos they are encouraged on every other diet!!
Does anyone else find the mornings the hardest? Once I get to lunchtime I go the rest of the day without any problems. I'm probably just dehydrated from not drinking anything for a few hours by lunchtime I've usually had about 2 litres of fluid and feeling fine again.
Other than that today is going OK, baby asleep and humungous ironing pile and Holby City for me :)