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Don't you just hate it when....

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Shirleen, 9 November 2011 Social URL.

  1. Shirleen

    Shirleen Well-Known Member

    You're running late and everyone else on the road seems to be too as noone will give way to you!

    So what's yours??? Keep it light x
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  3. Funky_Munky

    Funky_Munky Put the kettle on

    When Im driving to work on a weekend and everyone else in front of me is tootling along at 30 in a 60 zone!!
  4. Shirleen

    Shirleen Well-Known Member

    Oh YES!
  5. KittenKat

    KittenKat Operation Hottie Kidnap

    On my drive to and from work there are a number of 40 mph zones. With the one there is a flashing sign in one direction if you are going above the speed limit - got no problem with that at all.

    BUT they have just installed a similar one going in the opposite direction which flashes 30 above mph! In a 40 mph zone!

  6. Funky_Munky

    Funky_Munky Put the kettle on

    Ive got one of them by the school in our village its a 30 zone, but you can be doing 20 mph and the damn thing will flash 30 at you!! Grrr!!
  7. KittenKat

    KittenKat Operation Hottie Kidnap

    This one clearly flashes 30... but in a 40 zone, how stupid is that eh?!
  8. Shirleen

    Shirleen Well-Known Member

    I thought all roads outside schools were a 20 zone anyway? They are in Southampton!
  9. Funky_Munky

    Funky_Munky Put the kettle on

    Not by us. Its on the main road which is 30. The entrance is off the main road down a residential windey road so you cant get above 10mph half the time going down it with parked cars anyway.
  10. Funky_Munky

    Funky_Munky Put the kettle on

    Bloody accident waiting to happen that is with some dozey sod slamming on when they see it!!
  11. xMandyDx

    xMandyDx Determination is Key

    When I've just gotten into the bath, about to lay back and relax, and my phone/door goes. UGH!!!
  12. xMandyDx

    xMandyDx Determination is Key

    And as a side note on that... when I've gotten out of my bath, wrapped a towel around me, toddled down the stairs, and just as I reach out to pick up the phone... it stops. Or just as I open the door, they're gone.

    Grrrr lol
  13. KittenKat

    KittenKat Operation Hottie Kidnap

    That always used to happen to me. When the ex was staying on military base and we spoke on the phone, I'd tell him I was going in for a bath, and you can guarantee just as I'd got in it and settled, he'd be on the phone again, having 'forgotten' I was going for a bath. He'd conveniently forget most nights! And if it wasn't him then it'd be marketing/cold calling phone calls or random people at the front door!

    Don't have that issue anymore on two counts - he's now my ex and I don't have a bath! I just make the most of the one at my parents' when I visit, and if the phone or door go, I leave it for them to deal with!

    How I miss my nightly bath :cry:
  14. Shirleen

    Shirleen Well-Known Member

    You wash the kitchen floor, and then realise you need something on the other side of the room?
  15. speccyblue

    speccyblue Well-Known Member

    ....you get told by numerous different people what your goal weight should be.
  16. Arctic-BNG

    Arctic-BNG Talks to self!

    Cyclists on the road when there is a perfectly good cycle path right next to them!

    Cyclists riding at night, dressed in black/ dark colours without lights!

    (I am a cyclist btw)
  17. Shirleen

    Shirleen Well-Known Member

    Oh yes! I made one guy almost fall off his bike by shouting out that I almost didn't see him! Silly man!
    I also saw a cyclist speeding downhill off the cycle lane (that has sensors to alert drivers) and straight across a roundabout I missed him by an inch!
    Really hate the cyclists wearing the full gear doing that 'Tour de France' side to side wobble which means you can't overtake him and travelling at 5mph! Lycra clad assassins they are because you get so fed up you take a risk to overtake them on the wrong side of the rd! Then you stop at traffic lights and they mount the pavement and cross!!!!!!!
  18. tallsarah

    tallsarah Well-Known Member

    People 'catching up' in the middle of the supermarket aisle!
  19. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    People just stopping in front of you in the supermarket or shopping centres. They should check their "walking blind spots"!
  20. Tinytootz

    Tinytootz Mini crazy cat lady

    People who take up an entire supermarket aisle, by having their trolley on one side, such as the left, having their hand still on it, whilst they peruse the shelves to the right.

  21. Tinytootz

    Tinytootz Mini crazy cat lady

    ....when you discover you've ran out of milk/it's gone off AFTER you have made a cuppa, and thought to yourself "ooooh, nice sit down with a cuppa".

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