don't you love it when ......


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Sucks, doesn't it?

Still - at least you know what it is and you're being pragmatic about it and staying on track :)



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Yeah you might as well weigh the nearest book to hand, as opposed yourself if your weighing daily for all the insight you gain from it.

I weighed myself yesterday and had STS since Tuesday, so thats all of wed and all of thur and all of fri, perfectly sticking to plan - and STS... then I weigh myself today having drank some water and feeling a bit bloated and i've lost 3ibs....

Definately only weigh once a week - that's what i've learnt!


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Sorry no sympathy at all for you daily weighers :whoopass:



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I know I shouldn't weigh every day, but it does it on my wii fit body test which they recommend you do every day. It is a bit depressing when I am up a pound :cry:, but I am always rewarded with a loss in the next couple of days, plus the graph is showing a fantastic downward projection, despite the little upward spikes.:jelous:

Those little spikes certainly motivate me to not go off plan and increase my water intake to 3 litres, and to do a bit of exercise, so for me they are probably a godsend.

Still, I'd much prefer to see a pound or two off every day. :D