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  1. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    Hello everyone,

    As you've all probably noticed I've been lurking for a while now so I thought it was time to introduce myself properly.

    My name is Donna and I'm nearly 29. I'm married with two girls coming up 5 and 2. We live in East Yorkshire.

    I've never been "fat" (hate that word) but been chubby my whole life and am very pear shaped at my smallest I was a 10 on top and a 14 on bottom.

    The main reason I'm going primal is that I'm mainly happy where I'm at weight wise, well I'd love to be a bit slimmer but I'm not willing to starve myself to get there. And also I realised the more I dieted the more junk I ate... Low fat this and rubbish that I calorie counted... Why have an apple when a small chocolate bar has the same calories.... Why have a proper dinner when I could have a share bag of minstrels....

    I started Atkins at the beginning of the year after reading the article "the men who made us fat" and started looking into low carb, the more research I've done on low carb the more I'm realising its not the "carbs" it's the type of carbs, so here I am.

    My hubbie is doing it with me but he's sometimes adding carbs, I'm also gradually getting my kids eating to, I'm going to do this slowly one meal at a time rather than throwing them in the deep end.

    I'm more primal than paleo at the minute but that might gradually change as don't eat too much dairy at the minute but don't want to tell myself I'm not allowed it.

    Exercise wise, I kettleworx at least 3 times a week, I'm getting my fitbit next week so intend to get my walking up to at least 10k and as for the sprinting once in a while think I'm going to work up to that one as scared of looking like an idiot

    Anyway I've waffled for long enough, so please subscribe and keep me on the primal way xxx

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  3. Plumfoodie

    Plumfoodie Paleo maintenance rocks!

  4. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    Me too :)

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  5. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    Well had a lovely day with family today. We went for a walk along the marsh and blew the cobwebs out before having my sil and fsmily around for tea. Was really pleased with myself as apart from a few cheeky vodkas my meal was good. Also did kettleworx before meal.

    B: primal granola with almond milk
    S: satsuma
    L: butternut squash soup (everyday paleo) with bacon
    D: pork, apple and bacon burger with salad and sweet potato wedges.
    P: wouldn't usually have pudding but since every one else was having apple strudel I made a mousse with 85% chocolate and coconut cream, it was ok but needed a bit if sweetening
    Drinks: 3 shots of vodka "le fizz" (cocktail with lime juice and elderflower cordial). Usually only drink red wine on sat nights but my sil brings out my naughty side.

    Also bought 800g almonds from tesco for £5.99 (down Asian aisle) so going to try almond butter on Wednesday (my next day off)

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  6. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    What a manic day today! Mondays are mad!

    I had granola for breakie with almond milk. I went really lightheaded this morning. After my brekkie I felt uncomfortably full even though I only had 3 tablespoons of primal granola with maybe 50ml milk, then when I dropped kids off at my grans about an hour later went really light headed twice, once when standing after kissing littlest bye and once when bending to get my bag. No idea what that's about but hope it doesn't last.

    Snacks today were a satsuma and a handful of pistatios.

    Lunch was a salad of rocket, cucumber, tomato, avocado, and hit peppered salmon with a homemade olive oil and balsamic dressing

    Then dinner was courgette "pasta"with chicken, broccoli, green beans and some full fat cream cheese. Was scrummy but Feel really uncomfortably full again though.

    Been rushing around this evening, picked up the girls got home at 6 did their tea (non primal tonight but still using things up) then made garden meatballs for lunches and tea tomorrow and also made up my weekly batch of granola.

    So am now sat of sofa watching "year of making love" on bbc3 going awwww aren't they sweet and saying to Hubby... "We were like that once" xxx

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  7. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    What's your granola recipe ?

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  8. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    It kinda changes depending on what I got in...

    But this week was....

    Cup mixed nuts (chopped in food processor)
    Cup desiccated coconut
    1/4 flax seed
    Cup ground almonds
    1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
    1/2 cup almond slivers
    About 50g honey
    About 30g coconut oil

    Mix all the dry bits, warm the oil and honey so runny, mix it all up then spread on a baking tray (or two) pop in a low oven and keep turning every 5min or so until golden. Then pop in an airtight container. 3 tablespoons works out at about 150kcal x

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  9. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    Think I might make some - sounds nice :)

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  10. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    It's beautiful, sometimes I chop up a bit of fruit into it. This morning had with apple and yesterday with dates x

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  11. miss vlcd38

    miss vlcd38 Silver Member

    Sounds delish shall save that recipe
  12. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    Horrid day at work today, some people can be so rude!

    Food wise not bad although have a vodka in my hand now,... It's got lemon in it though so one of my five a day?

    B- granola with apple and almond milk
    S- satsuma
    L- salmon salad
    S- small apple, trail mix
    D- garden meatballs with tomato sauce , cauliflower and sprouts

    Oh feeling really bloated and comfortable after every meal. No idea what's going on.

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  13. skinnybride2013

    skinnybride2013 Silver Member

    Thought I'd pop in your granola does sound nice, I'm yet to try flax but Atkins lot love it for their mim's and fake bread so perhaps I'll try it!
  14. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    Ou I tried the flax bread once didn't like, I only put in the granola to use it up! X

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  15. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    Day off today, me and hubbie work together but always have weds and Sundays together, I'm also off on Thursdays and Saturdays.

    Loving my fitbit, racked up over 10k today. Also got myself to docs about this bloating, drs reckons I've got an inflamed stomach and given me some tablets. i also mentioned the light headed ness and she said it may be down to dehydration.

    So food wise here we go, pretty good although hubbie baked for first time ever

    B: granola and an apple
    L: 1/4 cheese omelette and a meat ball
    D: belly pork and chorizo stew with sweet potato
    S: walnut raisin muffin

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  16. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    Well done on the steps :) your catching me up fast! I've had a lazy last few days lol

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  17. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    Just had a thought - aleo Vera juice is meant to help with digestive problems - soothing irritated tummy's etc the cranberry flavour is better ;)

    I've been using for last almost 2 years ..

    Also probiotic tablets are good - but need to be over 30 billion . That is 30 billion per tablet - some are only like 2 million .. Need to check - actimel I think is 10 billion per pot..

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  18. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    Thanks for that, will have to have a look as its the 3 time I've been put on these tablets now.
    Aw I thought I was gonna overtake you on the leader board today but your still 3k steps up on me! My daughter thinks I'm nuts as spent 10min running up and down the stairs x

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  19. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    Lol. I made my kids walk/ scoot to mcDs today - 50mins and 4km later and then almost home again - took the bus 3 stops. And then round sainsbury .. So have been trying to say ahead lol but expect your leave me in the carpet burn lol

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  20. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    Ah I'm at work today so not likely to get more than 4k. Good job on walk, it's such a chore getting my eldest to walk anywhere! She just whinges constantly, yet I picked up my niece yesterday who's a year younger, I couldn't keep up with her, I put buggy board on pram as we had just over a mile to walk, she wasn't bothered ran all the way home x

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  21. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    Just realised I never popped down my food for yesterday...
    B: granola with almond milk
    L: couple of big meatballs, some dates, some turkey ham (was a runaround day)
    D: 3x crab, bacon and avocado wraps and 1 x tomato chorizo and mozarella wrap (Chinese lettuce wrap)
    S: one blk 85% dark chocolate

    Have also drunk more today and only had one very slight lightheaded moment

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