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Becoming Un-Frumpy!

Well here we are, day 3 already! It's been a million times better than I thought it was going to be. I think I prepared myself for feeling the worst, but it's not been too bad.

I had slight headaches and general lethargy, but i'm still going. Last night I got my hubby to take some photos of me on my mobile phone, from all different angles. OMG :eek: I didn't realise I looked like that!

I have been focusing on my head and face for so long I didn't realise what I really looked like. I look like I have a pea sized head and this huge mountain of a body. I think I would have cried, except for the fact that I felt so happy that I'd got through 2 days on CD.

I woke up this morning feeling positive. I was a bit hungry but drank loads of water. I just made myself a Banana shake for lunch .... MMMMMMMMMMMMM!:p It was gorgeous. I did it with loads of ice cubes in the smoothie maker. I forgot to put the bung in the top first time and the kitchen got showered with ice cubes!!!

Just a quick question. Last night my wee (sorry!) smelt of gas :)eek: lmao ) has anyone else had this???

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Have a serene day!!
The acetone smell comes from being in Ketosis, you will probably find that if you test your wee.

Good on you - keep up the good work.



Becoming Un-Frumpy!
aaaagh, that explains it :)

Thanks mamma_caz
Hi Frumpster

I love your positive attitude. It brings back lots of memories of my own when I started CD.:) I enjoyed the freedom from food and the fact that the packs tasted good too was a bonus. I felt fab, that I was finally doing something good for myself and my future. Anyway I'm really pleased you are feeling the same. Thanks for bringing back fond memories. I love your shopping bag ticker, you'll be needing that for all the clothes shopping you'll be doing soon!:D

Enjoy the rest of your journey.

Dizzy x


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Thanks Dizzy

I feel really empowered (think that's the right term!).

Normally when I start a diet it kind of depresses me, mainly because I have to think about food all day, what can I eat? is that red or green? how many points has that got? etc!

Just knowing that I only have to tear open a sachet is doing me the world of good.

Day 3 is nearly over now and i'm feeling fab. Pyjama pants fell down before. I don't think it's the diet (I think i've had them on for a few days and they've got worn in!!) but it was a nice feeling!

I chose the shopping bag ticker cos I love shopping. I love fashion, but haven't been below a size 18 for 10 years!!

You have done so well, How have you found it? Do you keep a blog?


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