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doublegalaxy's shrinking diary


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Good luck! How much have you got to lose?
Starting weight is 11st 3.6lbs and I'm hoping to get down to 10st. Just about to have a vanilla shake and black tea. Have already drunk a couple of glasses of water so I've made a good start. Can't wait to see the figure on the scales start with a 10, roll on next week.
Hiya! I'm starting today too, although I have a bit more to lose than you lol! I see you're a yorkshire lass ... so am I :eek:) My parcel hasn't arrived yet but due any minute!

I'm sure you'll hit your target for christmas, just imagine yourself in a slinky christmas outfit, stick to the plan and you'll be at target in no time!
Good luck love!
Well I've had a vanilla shake, veg soup and toffee and raisin bar today. Feel hungry but I can cope. I've managed to resist the sweets that the kids have left hanging around so feeling quite proud of myself. Need to pop to the shops tonight for some food for the stray cat that seems to have adopted us but I'm taking my dd so I won't be able to sneak any chocolate in the basket. Only 6 days until weigh in.
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how did you find the vegetable soup, I tried my first one today and have to say I'm not impressed? sending you lots of luck for day 2 xoxoxox
Oh, I'm easily pleased, I quite like all the products although I have to say veg soup is my least favourite. Funny how your tastebuds change. When I tried it the first time the chicken was my favourite soup, then I went on to prefer tomato, before settling on the mushroom, let's see if I still feel the same.
Well, managed to get through the first day ok but, by 9pm I had the most horrendous headache. I hardly slept last night and still feel bad this morning. I've had a cup of tea and a pain killer and I'm off back to bed. Just glad my eldest doesn't have college today and was able to do the school run for me. I'm surprised to feel like this already, the previous times I've done exante headaches didn't kick in until day 3, then day 2.
Hope I feel better in a couple of hours, night night lol.
Managed to get through the day. Still got headache, hoping it will have gone in the morning. I've decided I'll take my measurements in the morning so I can stay motivated even if the scales don't move much.
Hey hun, I've too had a headache from hell today. Fed up of keep going to the loo, although I'm trying to drink more water during the day as I don't fancy going to the loo all through the night! That's probably why my head hurts first thing!
That's a good ideal noting down your measurements! I think I should do that.

Anyway off to bed now, early start take care and night night xoxoxo
Well headaches have passed and I'm really pleased with how its going. I've managed not to weigh myself, roll on Monday, can't wait to see how I've done.
aargh, curse that confectionary. Saturday is sweetie day in this house. We had a little firework party and I didn't cook any pie and peas for myself, so far so good. However, when the sweets came out I couldn't resist. I'm so annoyed with myself. I was in ketosis and now I've got to do it all over again. Must make sure I'm good tomorrow, first weigh in on Monday. I lose slowly but was hoping for at least a 4lb loss, might be lucky to see 2lb now. I MUST DO BETTER.

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