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Nope! You're definitely not alone on that one!!! I'm exactly the same! I spend the whole week worrying that I'm not going to lose and I get more and more stressed as the week goes on. It DOES make me follow the plan as closely as possible though because I so desperately want to lose!!! Its only cos it means such a lot to us and it DOES improve after a couple of weeks when we start to see the weight coming off!!!! What a life eh??? LOL xxxx


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I'm always really excited! If I've stuck to plan and been 100% good, I just wanna know what I've lost!

There is a nervous moment just before I step on the scales... But it's mostly excitement.


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Ohhh - that moment when you're standing in front of the scales..... its horrible isnt it? My stomach just lurches!!!!! LOL


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lol, i get this too, it's not just you! i even posted earlier today saying that i was 'scared' ... and then lost 4lbs and was slimmer of the week! lol x


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I think it's normal and it's because you care so much about succeeding!! I get terrible butterflies... maybe even big bats(!) fluttering around in my tummy-it's a combination of excitement and fear of how I'm going to feel!! Plus I really don't want to be coming here to Minimins and reporting a negative result! I'm scared of you guys!! (only joking- I would hate to have to change all the bits and pieces on my signature to numbers going in the wrong direction!!)X


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I get really nervous on the weekends as it's probably when I use my syns the most and my WI is on a Monday so it will definately show up!
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I'm definitely the same.
Even if I've been an angel all week, I still worry lol!
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