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Down and low,


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I thought I would just vent here as i have nowhere else to go who would give me some support.

As most of you know by now my partner do not support this kind of diet and is dead against it, i just wish he would see my side of things a bit more. i have explained to him how i feel about my body and that i am ashamed of it and things would be much better for both of us (inc our sex life) if he could support me in doing this but he refuse to.

So i am doing this for me and nobody else, do you think it is wrong?

being that he is working all week late, i have decided to do a whole week of ss, although i feel so down and low i don't really want to eat at all, but at least if i do the ss i will be getting everything my body needs right? I might just be down and low because I got up at stupid oclock with my toddler.

what do you all think?
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Hi Nessa

SS will give you a fantastic kick start to your diet and your OH will notice the results, so he might be more willing to listen to you when you are able to tell him that you have done a week of SS and are feeling great.

My hubby is totally supportive but my moods have also been all over the place this week. Ive even started crying over a row with hubby over a broken glass of all things.

I told my self that my body needs to get used to all the changes and it will settle down and apart from that one crying episode I am feeling FAB on day 11 of SS.

You have to do what is right for you and its a shame he can't support you but try not to let it get you down. You need to have your head in the right place to do this diet.



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The problem with men is that they don't see the problem! They (mostly) love us as we are, dread the diet and the mood swings, deprivation and tetchiness that goes with it. Hate feeling guilty because they are still enjoying their food and can't understand why how we look is so important to us. Now I am not trying to convert you to Juddd here but I must tell you that after 30 years of failed dieting my DH is behind me 100% with a plan for the first time ever.
I can eat low cal every other day on DD's but on UD's we can still go out for a meal, enjoy a takeway, have a bottle of wine together and live like normal non dieting folk.
Personally, I would struggle if my DH was totally against my plan, he has always tried to be supportive but he does struggle with it as he hates to see me down and hungyr or feeling deprived and miserable. On Juddd I am happy, yes the losses are small and gradual but they are losses that we can both still have a life with and I know I can do this forever; never felt like that about a plan in my life!

So, there's my 2penneth for what it's worth.


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I've been very lucky as my hubby, friends & family have supported my the whole time. My hubby has been amazing putting up with my mood swings etc. Have you thought about getting your OH to go with you when you see your CDC. My hubby came with me & discussed his worries with my CDC it made him realise that this diet was a healthy way to lose weight & that with the support i'd be ok. just a suggestion maybe he could do that??

At the end of the day it's your body & your feelings that really count, sometimes we need to be shelfish!..... I really hope that you can get your OH on your side, that'll make a lot of difference in the way you feel.

Good luck hun, sending you a hug.....xxxx



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my husband was dead against me SSing as well and still is so i switched diets. I didnt mind because I wasnt getting on with SSing and am happy ding herbalife. HOWEVER my hubby did his research and had fair arguements to back it up and i felt that was fair enough. if he had just been refusing without looking into anything i would have completely ignored his point of view cos i would have felt that was what he was doing with my viewpoint!

with all that said, i told him flat out that if i didnt like the other diet (herbalife) then i would be going back to SSing and it would be none of his business.

if u really feel this is the way forward for you then whether he agrees or not, he is going to have to accept ur decisions. the best way would be to listen to what he has to say but TOTALLY expect the same respect back. he cannot just say what he likes and ignore ur feelings. at least this way u should both feel heard. if u decide to SS then tell him u respect his feelings about it but that u have made the choice for urself and dont feel bad about it.

when all is said and done, its ur body and ur health. he can have his opinions by all means but he cannot dictate ur life.

if he still wont support u then i think the best u can ask of him is that while he wont support u, he will have to keep his opinion to himself...like not maoning at u all the time. if hes got nothing supportive to say then he needs to zip up all together lol.

u need to do whatever makes u happy...u didnt get with him to please him and the one thing u can always rely on is urself. u can be happily together and disagree strongly on any number of things....all u can do at the end of the day is at least accept the things and opinions of eachother u do not agree with.

best of luck....i hope he comes to learn u r making it possible for u to be a happier u. and besides...when he sees the sexual benefits he'll soon hush up lol

best of luck hun



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I have tried everything to get him on my side but it's just a no go, so i think i am going to have to tell him to hush up and let me get on with it.


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Doesn't sound a very reasonable person to me.

He should support you in whatever YOU decide to do, if you are set on SSing they he should accept it and then give you 100% support/encouragement.


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
we'll never judge or dictate to ya! best of luck with the diet. xxxxxxx


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is it just the diet he's against or u losing weight at all?

if its the diet tell him to read up on itfirst before criticising and not helping u through this, after all u are doing this for YOU and no one else, when hubby first started losing his weight the difference in him was great, wasnt as grumpy and felt so much better in himself, if your partner cant see what all the benefits would be in the long run then just leave him to it :D

good luck

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