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Dr Atkins New Diet Book


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hello everybody. I just received the new edition of the book and it`s a bit confussing. there are more foods allowed and it advice to limit the quantity.
really strange.

This is the 1992 edition, the orange covers` one. I ordered it from ebay just because i didn`t like to getmore confused with the latest one.

it says that we can`t eat as much as we desire of the acceptable foods. so there are limits then. i didn`t know that.

and the one-week induction menu is full with suff i wouldn`t dare to eat yet.
feta cheese,olives,low-carb strawberry shake,red pepper, oven-fried turnips,tomatos.

i am terriefied now. it seems i ate 3 times more food than the sample menu.

pls comment
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I would strongly recommend you choose one or the other but dont mix them up whatever you do!

You can either eat (relatively) freely of the very low carb food and just watch some things such as cheese
Eat more variety and then get into portion size and carb counting (watch out if the company is pushing their bars and things - major problem for many people)

Personally i went for strict induction for first two weeks with no counting and using cups of veggies. That way during the carb withdrawal and cravings i could eat what was necessary of legal food to stay on track

Now DH and are much more experimental (see the recipes thread) but i closely monitor every carb and limit the treats quite strictly
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That does sound confusing, ive not read the new version, ive got the orange cover one and have had good loses so far.

Sorry cant be of any help, all our Atkins experts are away on a jolly but will be back online soon. x


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I've read the newest Atkins book and the one from the 90s and don't recall either of them limiting protein, though both say don't be ridiculous about it - as in have 3 steaks for one meal. But who could?
I don't fully trust the newer additions of the book or most of the low carb foods 'Atkins Nutritionals' make. If I was you i'd go for the older version. I have the orange cover one which says 'The original Atkins' or something like that. I also know Jim used an older copy and look at what he did! The way I see it, you want to follow Atkins' version, not some edited version produced after he died.
I have a few versions of the main Atkins book and in all of them it is kinda plain that we are expected to eat moderately, and not to gorge until we can't eat any more.

Just like his take on exercise - described as 'non-negotiable'. He suggests walking, for starters. Heavy gym workouts are not mandatory.

Very heavily overweight people can eat more than those closer to goal, for sure, and still lose weight, but to achieve a decent steady loss we need to watch portion sizes. This is explained on The Atkins Community site, too. For some, but not all, it may even be necessary to count calories if weight simply is not shifting over time.

Everyone's body is different, everyone's metabolism is different. Some stall with cheese, others don't. Some can eat two bars a day and lose weight, others can't have even one per week!

It's all trial and error but I think it's sensible to make portions 'moderate'. The suggested 'ideal' portion sizes are described in all the books.

Don't panic. It becomes second nature after a while. Good luck!


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S: 60kg C: 60kg G: 53kg BMI: 21.8 Loss: 0kg(0%)
thanks everyone.
It is exactly as Girlygirl1 says, just to eat less calories than we burn. it is common sense, i agree.
but so far i got used with the stricter version and to be honest i don`t want to count cals and grams. so i will follow the original diet. last week i ate more cheese than i should and it immediatly showed.so i don`t eat cheese anymore.
i cheated yesterday and feel so guilty.
this breaded haddock fillets, the crispy ones. i got one fillet at dinner. i am so sorry now but i couldn`t resist. the package said 14 g carbs in 1 fllet, total sugar 1.3 g. but i don`t believe it. i know it should be more in this crumbs...........
anyway, it`s done. so i didn`t eat any more carbs since then. i bought a whole chicken this morning and roasted it. so this is what i will eat today and may be tomorrow+ 1 mug of shredded lettuce per meal /2-3 a day/. may be the harm won`t be so huge. i didn`t eat any cream, mayo,cheese, etc. just plain meat, chicken, salami 0 fat, bacon-0 fat, mince meat balls that i make myself at home,and canned tuna, salmon or mackerel in sunflower oil /i drain the oil/.
so i will just continue as before the cheat.
the only thing i will do now is to keep a track of the food i eat. i use the web diary and free calorie counter which helps a lot.
thank you.
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