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DR Cohens 1st personal Diet


Just wondering if anyone has tried doctor cohens internet based program. From what I can tell you have lots of blood tests then he sends you a tailored plan of what you can eat and the quantities. The results on his webpage look very imopressive - but I wanted to know if anyone has any experiences and in particular if anyone tried it after doing a VLCD

Let me know

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Hiya hun
I have heard of this method before....for me its a no no. Simply because you need to follow a healthy eating regime that is sustainable in the long term.....when you came off this deit you would only gain if you didnt eat the correct foods as so many people do..........i know i would. Id be so gutted to lose all that weight only to put it back on twice as fast.

Sounds expensive too....buy yourself a treadmil instead lol.

Im sure there will be people who will love and swear by this diet......ive not tried so i cant HONESTLY say.

If you do try it let us know how it goes

Ruthy xxx

It isn't actually that expensive £125 for your eating plan and £60 for your blood tests -

The problem I have is that I lost 5 stone on LL in 2006 and have kept it off - but I have been doing CD for the last 18 mionths and fallen into the habit of packs and sole source all week and then binging at weekends - the thought of no food at all kills me!

I only have 2 stone left to go to get to goal and am not moving any further forward with CD - no matter how hard I try I just cant keep with it

anyone else out there with any views or advice???
To be honest no matter what diet you do, it is harder to succeed unless we first deal with our issues with food (as a lot of us have to be fair). SW is a v healthy diet and you don't have to cut this out or cut that out, the problem with those types of diets make you focus on what you cannot have and that seems to be a problem with a lot of us as we then crave those things and tend to dwell too much on the diet and that can make people a bit obsessive about it, that's what I switched from ww to SW to be honest.

Good points Steph! I was thinking about going back to WW but I find it so easy doing SW and I don't want to have to start thinking about counting points, etc! I know what I can and can't have. It's just soooo easy!

Annette x
Yes i agree, ive got a issue with food, i eat crap to lift my mood or to give me more energy.


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I'm the same as Ruthy and if you told me I couldn't have a specific food I would want it even more. I love SW and I have got good results with it while still being able to live my life. I'm sure that the pictures on his site are impressive but do you know they are genuine? Can you be sure that these are results from his diet? He may well be genuine but be wary if it is all conducted online as there are many many people out there who are just ready to take advantage of those of us who are desperate to shift out excesses!
there are many many people out there who are just ready to take advantage of those of us who are desperate to shift out excesses!
Amen to that girlie! How true that is, if I had all the money I have wasted on fad diets, jeez, I would be able to pay off my house twice over!! :eek:


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My friend will buy any product that says will help her lose weight and I have now lost count of the amount of different things she has tried that hasn't worked

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