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Dr. Johnson interview - explains juddd plan!

Hi Mum of One :) I guess with any diet there are critics.. my book arrived yesterday and its quite in depth and explains the science bit.

I don't think the lady with the Dr was a great representative because she said on a down day she had 200 cals.. and the food sounded awful!

I've been on a down day today and I've really had alot for the amount of calories, I know its suggested to have shakes on the induction phase but I'm doing both, I've just come off from doing months of the cambridge and on top of the problems I have I think my body had enough of running on empty.

I have been unable to work for five months because of my chronic health condition, I started Juddd on Monday and I have more energy already..

earlier today in my diary I mentioned my Brother in law who does not have a weight problem but has adopted this way of eating quite naturally.. I noticed him doing it on a recent family holiday, I had not even heard of Juddd then.

I suppose I want to look at this as a lifestyle change and to try and change my relationship with food.. as every other diet I've been on alot of food is forbidden and it suddenly becomes very appealing and I end up becoming quite miserable :mad:

Good luck with whatever you decide to do, only you know whats best for u ! :)
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After seeing this I feel worried about doing it now. Especially after that other guy's and ladies comments.
To be honest I wouldn't worry too much about their comments, as Sarah said every diet has it's critics and their arguement wasn't exactly great! Ok this way of eating could be bad for some people, those that have a big tendacy to binge (as up days would just be a non stop eating fest!) or those that are likely to go to the extreme and not eat enough on both down and up days. But done sensibly I really think it is quite safe, as long as we make sure we are eating enough and of the correct foods to get our nutrients.

It always angers me when people put down weight loss plans, as there are many critics of all the plans out there. But they like to put people down for being on these plans and doing the best to lose weight. The alternative is for them to stay overweight/obese which we all know is definitely not good for our health! We can't win can we?! :sigh:
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Well said Stirky, I did Atkins years ago and I got thin, and was positively glowing with energy and all peopledid was criticise and said how unhealthy all that protein was - there wasn't loads of protein just less carbs and I was positively glowing with health and energy. Diet stopped working for me though for some reason. But I felt great at time.

Sarah, I agree JUDDD does seem to control my eating to a huge extent, even if I'm still far from perfect I'm much better than normal. For instance, I was on a downer today cos I never lost so went for Indian lunch with husband. I hardly ate anything at all and have not eaten all day except a cereal bar there. DD tomorrow so that's the hard part!
Hiya guys

Sorry crashed out as little one had a very high temperature and was saying his head was hurting so I thought it was a hospital visit but it started to come down in the early hours. Shattered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DD for me. I dont know if I can do it today to be honest. I feel sooooooo tired.

Re the you tube clip. I have studied quite a bit on A&P and to be honest although I am doing JUDDD it does worry me consuming so many little calories on a DD as I know the body needs on a daily basis just for your organs to work properly and the body function correctly at least 1200 calories. You see when I did CD for 3 months I got very very very ill indeed. I really ruined my body. I truly believe CD is not very good for you at all. I got so poorly and run down. I got every illness going and my hair fell out and I looked like sh!t! That is with CD which is supposed to have all the vitamins and minerals in. its always 6 months after taking or doing a diet you will see the after effects of it.

Thats why I worry a bit but then its not every day so at least we have our UD to eat plenty of bits so I will carry on as I am and if i start to feel not right I will stop.

Sorry waffling on anyway the crux of it is I will continue unless i feel its not working

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Hi mumof one,
I agree that CD was not good for me. It affected my mental health. People on it say that is just because I wasn't able to use food as a comfort and had to cope with my emotions without the aid of food- but I know myself it wasn't that. I am almost always happy it just did something to my brain chemistry I think and although I missed the enjoyemnt of eating it was much more than that.
However, I think if we do JUDDD we just need to make sure we take in right nutrients for our bodies eg CD on dd and total balance on uds maybe with vitamin supps. The depression I had on CD lifted instantly on this and although I get a bit down and fed up on dds it is different, that is natural just cos I like eating. I am rambling but I think if we are responsible it should be fine. And that silly girl on video hadn't been responsible. She was just an airhead.

Well the good news is we are all still forging on! As long as we give it a good few weeks and if we are feeling fine lets continue.

Just got back from hospital with my little one. He is only 3. Has terrible tonsilitis. He is so unwell. In bed right now. Poor mite.

I am gonna have a sleep!! I need it.

Hope everyone having really good days with the food aspect side of things! XX
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I dont think this interview does the diet justice. Dr J had no time to explain in depth before the critics knocked him down and that woman he brought on with him was a mistake. 'Oh I have a cracker and veg!' She was not the right person to advertise the diet at all, she seemed to make things worse.

After reading all the comments I can also see the concerns but lets remember girls this isnt forever. :) When we reach target no one would say anything if we ate 2000 calories one day and 1000 the next.

I think we all should have gone on with him instead:D
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Oh no m.o.o hope your little boy feels better soon. One of my twins has croup so I know how you feel and dieting can be the last thing on your mind. You take care of him and you. The diet will still be here tomorrow x
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Yes that woman certainly wasn't the right person to go on there, they probably only picked her for her looks lol! He didn't get enough time to explain and like I said before I don't think the critics had a good arguement anyway. As long as we all feel ok and are sensible with it we'll be fine. Like any diet plan, if it started to make us feel bad the best thing to do is stop immediately! Didn't plans effect people differently, like I had a bad reaction to xenical and only took it for 2-3 weeks before i had to stop as was effecting my legs and feet oddly enough, but most people are fine on it.
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My only concern is that it messes up my metabolism even more. But it actually feels like it is speeding it up because when I am eating I don't feel that full way as though my food is digesting quicker.
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I think other plans are likely to mess your metabolism up more than this one, on slimfast mine had slowed right down as I just got to a stage where I wasn't losing. But if I do feel this plan is causing me any ill effects at all I'd just stop, but so far so good and I'm feeling great :D


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Interesting vid. I have tried judd but never really given it a proper go which is a shame cos I think it sounds great. The blonde woman had got off about 3st over 6 months which sounds pretty sensible and she looked healthy and happy. It was typical that the dietician just spouted all the "official govt lines" but I bet she keeps her weight down doing something similar.;) lol
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Yes I'm in the middle of reading the book (at last lol) and the science of the diet sounds so spot on, it really does make sense. Shame they didn't have a longer interview with Dr.Johnson and let him explain properly.
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Glad you enjoyed it :)

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