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DR Pepper Zero!!!


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Am sure a CDC will be along to answer, but reading other posts, COKE ZERO seems to be a downfall for people.... maybe this would do the same? Maybe best to stick to what you know is working.

Size 14 >>>>>>>>>>>>> this way for you :)


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I would love to have a little slurrrrp of coke, dr pepper anything other than water
Why dont you try the water flavouring from your cdc?
Im gonna get some this week, hope its nice! :D

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My advice is not to drink zero calorie drinks, I know loads of people do and I know it says you can in the SS booklet now but I have seen loads of clients who drink it and then it leads to cravings. I had one lady lost 7 stone and then started drinking coke zero and swore blind that as soon as she did she suddenly became very hungry, now whether that was physical hunger or psychological hunger it was still hunger so I always recommend that people stick to black coffee, black leaf based tea and the lifeblood of this diet and the passport to super quick weightloss which is water.....
Just found this....

Hope it helps?

I drink Coke Zero and it doesnt seem to affect my weight lose 27 pounds in three weeks :D I find that the Brixs effect me they make me hungry everytime I have one so i am steering clear of them I also drink 6ltrs of water a day and only have a small glass of Coke Zero at night with my soup it some how makes me feel normal!
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My CDC said that altho the only zero drink Cambridge officially say is ok is Coke Zero, Dr Pepper zero is OK as it does not contain citric acid (which is the thing that sparks cravings) and contains malic acid instead, which is also that used in Coke Zero. She said she used it all the way thru her diet and it was a lifesaver for her, and said that whilst officially she can't recommend it, its up to me (but i should be fine)!

Hope this helps xx


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When I goto play golf and have fogotton to take water I sometimes get a bottle of dr pepper zero out the vending machine. It didn't make me feel any added hunger, just gassy :p

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