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Dr pepper zero..

my cdc said i could have zero coke ect..occasionally, so i guess dr p would be simular hun hth x
Nope just phosphoric acid
Ooh glad I've read this. I'm really struggling to drink jsut water. I knew it would be a problem and asked consultant on Thursday if there were any drinks I could have that didnt contain citric acid, but she didn't know of any. She told me about the orange powder drink they do, but she didnt have any in stock. I would LOVE to have a little drink of Dr Pepper Zero, especially at night when I struggle the most. It would feel like a treat. And if it doesn't contain citric acid, it should be ok I pressume? Shall I or shouldn't I lol....
I had a small bottle and ok lol was yummy
you are technically not allowed the zero drinks but i'm firm in my belief that if it stops you from eating and coming off diet then you should have a can.

you used to be allowed coke zero but they changed the guidelines. i've only just recently noticed that dr pepper zero was ok. i like it more than coke zero at the min.
i think il def be getting some......just as a little change....ocassionally :) x
They say you can't have the fizzy drinks as they make you hungry, but it tends to work the opposite for me and fill me up, so I'm not raiding the fridge!
not that I'd ever say anything bad against Lord Cambridge Diet, but surely they tell you these things aren't allowed so that you'll buy the water flavouring?

because water flavouring and carbonated water is allowed and if fizziness was bad, carbonated water would be banned too?

just my 2 cents ;) i've had coke zero almost every night this last week, and just bought some dr pepper zero thanks to this thread mmmmmm
in their eyes it's a move a way from the conventional food that got us fat. however, it is part of every day life for many people and as long as we get our water in and don't go bonkers with it why should it really matter.
well since my last post iv been to buy some :) and drank some :) i didnt know they sell zero sprite and lilt as well x

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