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Dreadful night, awful day, wavering....

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I'm on my 5th week of SS+ and have lost 18lb so far (weigh in tonight). However I'd say today has been the worst so far.

Yesterday I felt quite hungry - possibly not helped by the "massive" temper strop my 3 year old was throwing - which went on for several hours on and off. I had my 3rd sachet around 9pm - and I had porridge rather than a shake, cos i thought that eating (rather than drinking) might take the hunger pangs I was beginning to feel away.

Anyway 3yr olds strop developed into another tantrum and a disrupted evening so by the time I was in bed at 10.30 I was quite stressed out. At midnight we were woken by 3 yr old again and as i was trying to drop off I felt that real "empty stomach" feeling.

The night got worse :sigh: - at 1pm 3yr old threw up (spectacularly!) everywhere - almost certainly a reaction to the dreadful temper session earlier. Lots of cleaning, moved #1 daughter to spare room, etc. etc. Eventually dozed off around 3.30am (in my 6 yr old's bed ) - next to poorly child! Was woken at 4.30am and 7am!.

So today (my day off) I am at home with one poorly child and one bored 6yr old and I'm trying to sort stuff out for my holiday next week. However I am SO SO SO SO HUNGRY!!!!

I've already had 2 sachets (normally dont get through 2 till around 4ish). I am feeling that empty "pit of the stomach" feeling and feel like I'm desparately in need of food.

I feel like the stress of the past 12 hours has "used up" all my reserves of calories and "not feeling hungry" and I can feel my resolve weaken in the face of the contents of the kitchen cupboard.

Do you think its stress that is making me feel so physically hungry? I genuinely havent felt this before on CD - I get hungry, have half a sachet and move on for a couple of hours - but this feeling is constant.

I really dont want to crack because I'm getting weighed in 4 hours time but blimey this is a difficult day!!

Now i've written it all down I'll keep coming back to read it everytime I think about raiding the biscuit tin!

thanks for reading
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Wow..that sounds like quite the stressful evening! Well done for not giving in. I've got so much admiration for busy mums who manage to continue following the diet while running a household.

My little brother used to cry and cry until he was sick when he was just a toddler, so you have my sympathies there.

When we are faced with trying circumstances, it can often be a trigger to eat or have a treat. Maybe you are feeling the 'pit of the stomach' feeling because you are worn out and feel you deserve a treat?

Just remember that you are going to be a yummy mummy when you get to target!
firstly have a big hug!!!


You know , stress is a killer as it lowers the defenses and tunes our hearing to sound of the nasty gremlins.....
On top of that you have had no sleep so of course you are feeling low!!
BUT, the hunger you are feeling really is well disguised emotional hunger.... You are down, you are tired and you are looking for something to fill the gaps!!!
You will get through it!!
You have done amazingly well so far, and tonight when you weigh in, you can tick another week of the list!
Tomorrow is another day, and honestly... last week for me was a killer.. my life was falling around my ears, but I know that eating would not only have not made it better, it would actually have made it worse because I would have the added stress of feeling like I had blown it...
So look forward to your weigh in,,, and rejoice in the fact that you are doing great!!

BTW those biscuits will taste really naff the moment you have swallowed them!!



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Just think when we used to get stressed we would turn to food and now we can't do that , and I know that kids can make life hard at times , feeling for you ! Hope you get a good weight result to make it all worth while !


Trying to stay healthy!
keep going Bubbles!! you can do it !! big coffee, lots of water and plough on through!;)



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Hi Bubbles, hope your weigh-in went well and you have a good night's sleep tonight. You're very strong not to have cracked yesterday, well done.

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