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Dreading 2nd WI tonight :'(

Yes, I know I shouldn`t do it but my skin is "tight" - Water retention I guess, So I jumped on the scales and they say I have GAINED 4lbs!! TODAY!!! :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

I have my 2nd official WI tomorrow :cry: Last week I gained 2lbs of the 7lbs I lost back on my WI day. This week I have only lost 4lbs so that will mean I STS :cry:

I`m totally gutted and don`t understand why I am going to gain for my 2nd WI on my official WI day..How does my body know?!! :rolleyes::(

Praying the scales have dipped back down again by tomorrow but my WI isn`t until the evening :(

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I always staff off the scales in the evening, it gives an artificial weight if you ask me especially if you have just been glugging water.

I'm sure you'll have a decent result tomorrow, I have my WI as well.
I always staff off the scales in the evening, it gives an artificial weight if you ask me especially if you have just been glugging water.

I'm sure you'll have a decent result tomorrow, I have my WI as well.
I don`t usually weigh in the evenings either but my skin was "tight" so I was curious. It wasn`t good news this morning :( I`ve only recovered 2lbs which means I will have lost hardly anything this week :cry:

I am dreading WI tonight now :cry: /whingeee

Good luck for yours :D Xxx


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
There is no point is stressing over it because it leads to the dangerous territory of thinking 'screw it'. I'm sure most people have had times like this. I know i have! I had a sudden 3lb gain once that came from nowhere and i was tempted to jack it in but remember the long term. If it is water retention it will have cleared by your weigh in next week and you will probably find you have a big loss. I go by the rule of the next weigh in: Everytime i've had a weigh in i'm not happy with despite working so hard i decide to wait for my next one before i give up and everytime i have been so glad i waited! It is a good diet and you can't not lose if your sticking to it, it may just be that it's taking your body longer to adjust. Have been having your measurements taken? you may find that the scales don't change right but your losing in measurements.

Just wait and see what happens tonight, talk to your CDC (that's what they're there for) came and vent to us on the forum and then tomorrow start with a fresh outlook 100% CD. If you find it's still not working for you next week consider doing the next stage up - some people's bodies need more to lose. Whatever happens stay strong hun and good luck for tonight x
Thankyou for such a lovely reply x

I wouldn`t stop the diet as for me, Even 2lb loss is AMAZING as I have such a rubbish body. I`m just disappointed that both weeks I seem to gain 2lbs on my WI day :confused::sigh:

I would worry about going up a plan as I`m only doing 810 as my body wouldn`t function without food (frustrating as not eating doesn`t actually bother me!) and with my problems losing weight, I just don`t think I`d shift anything :(

A loss is a loss right? I`ll just whinge about it when it isn`t much :rolleyes::8855:

Thanks again Xxxx


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
whinge away! that's what we're here for. Just remember how far you've come and like you said a loss is a loss. the difference is you are actively changing your food habits which is good and even if the scales do take their time to move down your taking steps in the right direction for a happy maintenance! :)
Thanks again x

I`m good at whinging :8855: Be warned!! lol

I maintained well during my "break" and had actually lost some in that time somehow! I eat relatively healthily and exercise but it just wasn`t working for me due to my Underactive Thyroid and PCOS. I think my body needs the shock tactics of such a reduced calorie intake to get things moving ;)

I am really panicking about eating carbs again as my body has a love/hate relationship with them :( I`m only 2 weeks in and worrying about eating already :rolleyes::8855:



112lbs lost - 28 to go!
one day at a time. If you follow the maintainance steps that reintroduce food (particularly carbs) gradually i'm sure you'll be fine. I was worrying a lot about introducing food and now i have moved up to the 810 plan i'm still worrying! lol! Just posted a new thread actually because my tummy is kinda hurting today - think it's just not used to food but it's not comfortable. Having said that i've had an immense amount of stress this week so wondering if it's that. or maybe even hunger pains? haven't had them since being on CD i've kinda forgotten what they're like! lol!
I hope your WI was better than you expected.
It was "ok" thanks x 2.3/4lbs So just under 3lbs so not too bad x

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