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dreading my meeting tonight......

I am really really really dreading going to my meeting tonight.
I have not been very good and I am sure that I have prob gained pounds rather than losing them :sigh:
I am thinking of pulling a sickie and not going. Where I can only get to meetings every fortnight it would give me 2 weeks to redeem myself.
I am not sure what to do, I dont want to sit there feeling rubbish and like I have let myself down if I have gained.
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Now to maintain.....
whatever you do DONT DONT DONT pull a sickie!!!!!
you'll only feel worse and things will snowball from there.
go...if its a gain,suck it up and carry on...you'll come away with the inspiration you need to jump back on the wagon 100%
you may even be pleasantly suprised.

but if you dont go you are seriously more likely to have more naughty stuff because you didnt weigh in etc...then what happens next week? same again? then you give up...its all to easy.

go hun...we'll be waiting to hear xxx
i had a sneaky weigh at the chemist on monday and i wish i didnt it said i had gained 2.5lbs however im still going to my meeting cause if i dont il fall totally off the band wagon



Now to maintain.....
i had a sneaky weigh at the chemist on monday and i wish i didnt it said i had gained 2.5lbs however im still going to my meeting cause if i dont il fall totally off the band wagon

yes still go!!
i bet its nothing like that when you get on sw's scales.
those chemist scales werent the same set of scales,prob weigh different and it'll have been at a different time and different eating circumstances for the day than on your weigh day.
anno im jus thinking to myself did i really eat 2.5lbs worth of junk food ? i deffo dont think so i had cake and butter in potatoes and 2 pieces of chocolate and about 5 chips over a week and ive walked 10.5 miles of power walking a 1 hour body combat class and over a n hour on a cardio hoop on top of all the walkin to the shops etc im hopin to even sts tonight of even have a wee cheeky 1lb off lol ive been eating speed foods till its coming out my ears too lol
Dont pull a sickie, its a slippery sloap....you never know you might get a pleasant surprise!!! If not then brush yourself down draw a line and start again tomorrow...If you can do that then I honestly think you have won half the battle of losing weight
Thanks everyone for all your messages you really all are a great support.
And I will go to my meeting tonight I promise - there is no way that I could be the only one there who has never had a bad week before!
I will come back on here either later tonight or tomorrow to let you know how I got on and good luck to all of you as well. xxxxx :gen147:
deffo go I went to mine last night, I was away on hol and knew I had been bad, and I mean really bad lol

I was expecting like 7lb but put on 3.5lb so altho I had gained I was happy and surprised with it and have given myself a goal of 2 weeks to lose it

U will have bad weeks and good weeks but thats what the class is for, u need the class when u have had a bad week and other members need you when u have had a good week

its all motivating each other, good luck x

p.s let us all know how u get on :)


Just doing it this time
I would go too - you never know you may stay the same - LIKE I DID this week.........and then you'll be glad you went rather than missing it altogether, it might give you the spur on that you need over the next fortnight anyway ! Good luck matey - whatever your decision.
ok..........so I was very good and brave and went to my meeting.
I did gain but only 1/2lb!!!!! :party0011:

I am so pleased with that. Yes its a gain which is never good but I can live with that and it will be easy to shift. I was worried that I had put the whole 5lbs back on!

So now I am feeling a lot more determined and a lot better than yesterday....thanks for telling me to go to the meeting I am so glad I did now. There were also a few other that had gained so I did not feel too bad! :eek:

I next weigh in again in a fortnight so I am going to be really good now, I am feeling very focused.

Thats brilliant, you will easily drop that gain in the next fortnight and some more...glad to see that your well and truly back on the wagon
well done for going and see it wasn't so bad :) i've done the same had a bad week weighed myself at home seen i've put on a few pounds then didn't go to class never went back and put another 2 stone on but hopefully i am back on track now have been doing it on my own but decided to join a class last week to keep me motivated good luck to u x


Silver Member
Glad you went. After my decent 1st week I had weeks of sts (because I wasnt following it properly) then on Monday I went knowing i'd put on. And I had - 1/2lb. Am so glad I went and am actually glad I put on as its really given me a HUGE kick up the bum to stop wasting money and get on with it!!! I'm glad it was only a half though. Have been really good since!!!!


Now to maintain.....
thats brilliant...so glad you went!

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