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Dreading todays weigh in

Hi all,its my second week weigh day today and have a horrible feeling im going to be really dissapointed as i fell off the wagon bigstyle on friday night,ended up drinking way to much vodka+diet lemo then went through the house like pacman eating everthing /anything insight :(,the worse bit is i dont really remember much about it so i cant say i enjoyed it lol! i really suffered for it over the weekend was on the toilet for nearly 2 days! anyways i hope ive leaned my lesson and the scales in boots are a little bit kind to be later before i go work! will update later on...hope your all doing brilliantly as per usual xx
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i am sure you will have done great hun. we all have our little slips but we are only human. whatever the result dont let it get you down too much. we are all here for you :)


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Loving the reference to "pacman"!! Oh yes, I've definitely had my pacman moments!!

I'm sure you'll be fine at the doctors, but if it's not as much as you would have hoped, don't fret. You know you had a blow out, just leave it in the past and don't feel guilty about it and think of your next goal.

Good luck and take care
lol really love the pacman thing, we have all definitely had our pacman moments!! I am sure you will do well hun but if not that week has gone now, concentrate on next week..We all have blow outs every now and then so dont worry about it, its done now and cant be changed. Dont dwell on it, just think what you can do this week :)

Good luck :D
omg can't stop laughing pacman lol....
Chin up Paula and just start everything fresh when you wake up :):)
hi again everybody,well the weigh in went bad, according to boots scales ive lost 0 lb's :(,i know i had a bad nite fri but i was so good for the other 6 days so i dont know why? also for some reason the scales said im 5ft 2inches tall when im nearly 5ft 7 so maybe there wrong i dunno maybe hopefull thinking lol!will check on my wii fit board tonight once i get home!its also my totm at moment so again that could be it,maybe nxt week i will lose a bit more than expected,nm onwards and upwards and deffo no more pacman moments ;) xx
Don't be disheartened, it sounds as though the scales were out as it did get your height wrong !!
The best time to weigh yourself is when you first get up in the morning :)


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Don't be dishearted paula, at least you didn't gain weight, and your back on track now, so hopefully you'll get a good result on your next weigh in.

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