Dreading weigh in tomorrow


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Hi guys, this is my first week back on plan after falling off the wagon when I became pregnant. Iv got another 10 weeks to go before Little One is due and felt I have put more than enough weight on so hear I am.

My first meeting was Tuesday night, but for the next few weeks im going to a monday night meeting, so i havnt had a full week on plan. Thing is, although iv found it difficult at times with pregnancy cravings I havnt done that bad (till today) and I was just so hungry, I raided mums biscuits as I wasnt at home to get me something healthy. Im not going to beat myself up about it, its done and dusted, but I am still scared that I will have put on when iv been relativly good. Dont get me wrong, with being pregnant, im not expecting to loose, but I will be so dishartend if iv gained, even though I know it will be 100% baby weight iv gained and not fat from junk and crap. How will I stick to plan on tuesday if iv gained when ill be so dishartend
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Just think, if you have gained that every week is a new opportunity. The fact that you feel bad about it and that it was only a one off means that you are still determined and thats all you need.
You can do it and you will feel great


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Have you tried putting this question on the ' Pregnancy Without The Pounds - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum ' thread - they will know exactly how you feel.
Personally, the fact that you know any gain is baby is a good thing - means your baby growing.
Instead of focussing on the numbers, focus on the fact that you are addressing the foods you are eating so that your baby grows healthy!
Enjoy this time, please dont stress! x