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Well there was a thread on here the other day talking about dreaming of food. No I thought to myself not had that experience.
ha until last night, this is how my dream went. Sat at work told a meeting had already began, but its not due until 10am I said. Rushed into the meeting, only to find it was the wrong one, but the chair welcomed me and said she was really glad I had showed an interest and began to tell me what decisions had been reached. All eyes were on me and then a little girl came in offering some cake, looking at me intently, with all eyes on me could I refuse, no!!! I thought keep it in mouth and go to the toilet and spit it out. went to the ladies it was closed for cleaning, tried to find another and found myself in the gents, ran out embarrased, by this time I had not option but to swallow the cake. I woke up sweating and upset and it was several minutes before I realised it was all a dream. At least it made me laugh today, dont we get obsessed on this diet. x
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Here we go again!
We certainly do Joy! It's that feeling of relief when you realise it's only a dream that I find strange. Never have I felt such relief when I wake up from one of those dreams cos even in your dreams you know you shouldn't be eating, very weird eh?


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LOL! The other night I dreamt I had a mouthful of chocolate that I was chewing away on. Suddenly realised I shouldn't be and found it was just melting and wouldn't come out of my mouth. I woke up feeling absolutely mortified. It took some time convince myself that I hadn't REALLY done it!

The same thing used to happen when i gave up smoking - still does occasionally after 9 years!

Aren't we daft? xx
This is so funny. I had a food dream last night too - my first one.
When I woke up I thought I had devoured a whole french stick with cheese, and I was eating with the worst table manners ever, I was disgusting. I just wish I had tasted it in my dreams as could plan another for tonight hehe.

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