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Dreamers Food Diary.....

Okay here goes, I can see how much it works for others so lets see what it will do for me. It has taken me 2 days but today is the day and I am 100% in it to win it. The only problem I have is I havent planned ahead so we'll see how it goes today but I will however plan the rest of my week.....

B- OSS Porridge 2
Daily Milk allowance 2

Snack - WW Choc Chip Cookies 1.5
Options Hot Choc 1

L- WW tom soup 1
WW Cheese Puffs 1
Melba Toast x 6 1

s-1 x pink & white 0.5
WW Yoghurt 1

D- Small Salmon steak 4
Free Veg
125g Jacket Pot 1.5
2 teaspoons of herb philly 1.5

18 points whoo hoo and I was so full up.

Please correct me if I have pointed anything incorrectly.
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Thursday 29th April

B- OSS porridge 2
Milk Allowance 2

S- WW cookies 1.5
2 x pink & white 1
WW crisps 1 (too many snacks)

L- Free Veg & Chicken 4
Iced Gems 1.5

D- Chicken tonight- low fat honewy and mustard 4
Pasta 3

Total 20
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Friday 30th April

B- WW Toast x 4 + Marmite 2.5

L- Free Veg & Chicken 4

S- Hot choc & iced Gems 3

D- Leftover Chicken tonight with Free Veg 5

Friday night treats Vodka & diet Coke to use the rest of my points up.
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Saturday 1st May

B- 3 turkey rashers, 1 sausage, egg white and half a tin baked beans 7

S-4 pink & white 2

Lunch- free veg & prawn 3.5

Dinner- Chicken curry home made with a wholemeal roll. 6
Sunday....... Mrs....NAIVE
Up super early and started the day unfortunatly how it went on...

B- Triple Biscuit - 3

S- Pink & white 0.5

Maccy D's chicken legend cool mayo..A Massive 8.5 points
Maccy D's fries prob about a medium 5
Half my sis small strawberry Milkshake - 2 and thats only for half a small one?!?!?
Maccy D's Sauce....x2 - 1

So far dinner its a roast....
Chicken- 3
Parsnip -1
Sweet Pot -2
Yorkshire Pud-1
Gravy - 1
Carrots = ZERO

Start a fresh again TOMORROW


chunky chick :-)
oh hun, dont beat yourself up!! just pick up your will power and start again!

ive not had the best of weekends either!

Lets not talk about sunday first BBQ (indoor may I add) i'd say between 25-28 points for the day. :(
Fresh start..... wipe the slate clean...

Breakfast - Albran & Milk 3

S-WW cookies 1

Lunch- Prawns 1.5
Bread Sticks 3
S-P&Wx 2 1
WW yoghurt 0.5

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