Dreaming about eating....


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I had a really vivid dream a few nights ago about cleaning the house and finding gummy sweets as I cleaned. I kept eating them and suddenly I realised what I was doing and felt awful!

Dreams like that are bad...


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I wrote about this some months back...it's mainly gone away now but I used to dream about eating food and then I'd think OMG I have ruined the diet.....then I would wake up and realise it was a dream. Phew ! I was always eating by accident in the dream like eating a biscuit or mopping up some cake crumbs without thinking.

I suppose after 20 weeks I am used to not eating anymore and the dreams (or nightmares !) have gone away.


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i dream about food every damn waking second of the day



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i was the same, it was awful! Used to dream I had eaten and then feel such a failure! (which we shouldn't anyway..... just get over it and move on)

I've not dreamt about food for ages, but its probably because I have struggled lately and have eaten sometimes. (don't recommend it by the way, I'll bet I could be about finished by now if I didn't mess about)



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I've been having the same dreams! I always eat something, then realise what i've done and feel absolutely devastated because i've ruined the diet! Last night I dreamt I was picking through a bag of biscuits my DS had made. It's such a relief when you wake up and realise it was only a dream!


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I don't get them so much anymore but in the first 50 days or so I used to get nightmares that I had gone on a massive binge - and then I would have all those self-loathing feelings afterwards. I would wake up feeling horrible!

Yuck!! In a way I wouldn't mind if I continued to get them because maybe it would help guarantee that I don't do it in real life??? Or maybe that's bollocks?