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I will do this!!!


Says it as it is!!!
AWW hun, dont forget those hunky naked men!!!!


I will do this!!!
yeah hunky men covered in baked beans, pizza, chinese takeaway yummy!
I wish I was dreaming about eating food, it would feel like cheat treat!
Pizzle, it happens to us all! I actually dream cheat!!! Yep, the only food that has passed my lips in nearly 16 weeks has been in my dreams - and I didn't enjoy it either!!! I did wake up panicking that I really had done it!

Do as Nic suggests and dream of hunky men, preferably men who are admiring your sexy new body!!!!



I will do this!!!
i woke up this morning convinced that id eaten, it took more a few minutes to realise that id only been dreaming! Well lets see what tonight brings!!! ;)
I dream of food and that I have cheated too! I wake up really upset and when I realise it was only a dream it makes me more determined to keep going
Trish x


a new way of living!
I had a dream that I had eaten chocolate last night, followed by a double whiskey! then drove!! I was paniking more about drinking and driving in the dream, but when i woke up i was like omg!! it has carbs gazillions in chocolate!!!

then realised it was a dream, and made the lady i was doing a sleep in for a cuppa ;)
Yeah, I keep waking thinking about food...it's so not fair!! x

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