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DREAMS!!! Anyone had many more dreams on CD??


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Hi folks,

I really don't see a connection myself between being on CD and dreaming but I thought I would just put the question out there to see if anyone else has experienced this....

I believe not everyone remembers their dreams (shame if you don't) Well I am one who does remember their dreams, and lately I have been having many more dreams about sooooo many different things, I can currently only remember my last 2 dreams (I had 2 dreams last night, I woke up inbetween each one for a toilet visit) but they were wierd dreams.....not night mares but not pleasant either. None of my dreams have been about weight loss at all.

Does anyone else find that they are dreaming more so?
It may have nothing to do with CD at all, just thought I'd ask in case.

Thanks for reading XXX
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Morning Sophia
I have had awful nights on CD. Some nights I have had good dreams and slept well, and others I have had strange dreams and nightmares.
You are certainly not on your own with this!!
Would be nice to have a nice hot choc or something before bed...:rolleyes: might think about changing my routine so I can have one at bedtime...


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I meant to do a post about this!

I have definately been having some very strange dreams in the last few weeks. Some of them have been really disturbing and I remember them in great detail the next day and throughout the day too.

I've also had some old dreams that I used to have regularly but have not had for a while.

Very wierd indeed.



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it is wierd isn't it, it could be related in some way, after all the brain is such a complex organ, I'd love to know more about it, dreaming and cd connection.
Yes I also have been getting lots of dreams and I remember them as tho it was a film I,ve watched.

They are very real dreams and arent usually nice either :(

Nikki x


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wow, there deffo is a connection....and have all you guys had more since you were on CD?? I am a dreamer anyway but never like this!! I don't have nice dreams,.....not really HORRORS but weird and nasty. mine are like films too.:eek:
Hi All

When I was ssing I continually remembered my dreams and in most of them there was a connection to food! Mostly I dreamt I ate brussel sprouts:eek: and cheese on toast, the eating wasn't the main focus of the dream, but never the less it was always there.

Interestingly when I was on an add a meal week, I didn't get the dreams!

Have a great day



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when i last did CD I would have the most bizarre dreams ever. really jumbled messed up, weird dreams. Obviously this can happen occassionally away from CD but in my experience it happens almost nightly on CD for me. I'd also have loads of food dreams. eating kebabs and icecream (tho im not a mad fan of either). really odd lol.

yesterday i re-started CD and guess what?? i had a very odd dream lastnight. It involved being a call girl with pencils coming out of my face. LOL...dont ask cos i dont know why.
I've always been a dreamer and regularly remember my dreams but theyr'e always really action packed sci fi type adventure dreams.....last night i dreamt i went out and had pudding chips and gravy and i woke up mortified that i'd slipped from the diet so early, took me about 2 hours to realise it didnt really happen lol
Yes Yes Yes! I've found that I need less sleep, my body is probably working properly now it actually gets vitamins, but also I have very vivid dreams. I usually only get them when I'm stressed but it could easily be CD considering its my least stressed time of year!

Mrs Roch

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I have exactly the same thing - isn't it strange...


I remember almost all of my dream - last night I dreamt I was in a Greek Church and Posh and Becks were there sitting in the pews waiting to speak to the Priest about baptising one of their children - they were all dressed in black and Posh had black lace over her hair and some of her face and they were with a tribe of family - mums, dad, aunts and hundreds of kids...

I stood at a wrought iron gate holding it open whilst they all piled past me...

REALLY STRANGE but I remember it so clearly.

I've also dreamt of eating food and been convinced in the morning that I've cheated and ruined everything - takes me a few quiet minutes to realise it's all been a dream... I have to mentally think what I did the day before...

SJ - I can't believe it's not related to CD in some way.
I lost 10lbs after cheating for 4 days!!!

I have dreams everynight, but strangely, I never seem to put a finger on what I was dreaming about?? strangeee.. before ss I never was a dreamer,

hey as you all know, been struggling in my first week last week on ss, having lots of spoonfuls of mu kidi's dinners and finally going mad last Sunday but guess what, my wi day was yesterday and I lost a glorious 10lbs!!!
Thank you all girls who've been giving me that extra special support, it kept me going, am so sticking with ss!!!

start weight 16st 10lbs
week 1 16 st

Goal 11st 5lbs


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well done rossy. 15s for u next week! xxx
one of my dreams from last night (this is what made me start the thread) is that me and my husband were trying to rescue 2 very young children from a Mother who went out drinking all the time leaving a toddler and a baby to fend for themselves. We kept the children and I loved them like my own but later on the Mother wanted them back, she said I stole them..... This was so upsetting and when I woke up I still felt that gutwrench that the kids were gonna be taken from me:cry:


Serial Foodie!
S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
gawd thats horrible! think i'll stick to being a call girl in my dreams lol
i've had some bizarre dreams too!

Karen - i dreamt i was visiting brothels in one so maybe i visited you in your dream - lol !!! It was most peculiar!

Alot of my dreams have been really disturbing. In particular, i dreamt a few nights ago that we were all having a big family party. My dad was there (he died a year ago tomorrow) and he was getting really drunk. I said it was because my mum wasnt around to keep an eye on him. He then suddenly became really sober at the end of the party and looked really sad. He said he wanted to be by himself for abit. I then worked out that the party was to mark the anniversary of my mum's death (she is alive and well in "real life") It was as if instead of my Dad dying, what life would have been like if it had been my Mum instead. It was horrible.

Well, lets hoping we all have sweeter dreams in the future!

omg, nightmare!!!

(Jodiejojo, I just pm'd you)x

I have just been woken up by a nightmare....I wanted to log it to try to put it to rest...

It involved a plane as big as a cruise ship, it had a very close member of my family on it and as it was taking off..it crashed, (omg this is dreadful) and myself and my husband were actually waiting to take off on another plane next to it when it happened. While we were waiting for the runway to be cleared we had to get off the plane and we were left walking about the debre and of course we saw some of the victims, thank god I didnt actually see my family member, but we did see about 5 cancer sufferers who must have been having treatment as there hair had fallen out, it was so terrible.

THIS NIGHTMARE HAS REALLY FREAKED ME OUT, I feel that horrible gutwrench again but even worse than yesterday.

If there are any CDC's out there who have read these threads, can you jump in and let us know if there have been links to dreams/nightmares on CD, maybe it's been mentioned in a training session that you have attended?? I am totally freaked out about it now.
Sophia-Jo you poor thing! That is a horrible dream. They seem so real as well don't they?

Why can't we all have dreams about looking skinny and strutting around in our bikinis making everybody jealous?!

Have a nice cup of tea/coffee (black, ofcourse:)) and try to put it out of your head

2 nights ago I dreamt that I could hear banging outside my house as if somebody was trying to get in. It was the middle of the night and the house was in complete darkness. It all went quiet and then my telephone rang. I answered the phone and on the other end was a very well spoken man with a sinister voice. He said "I'm inside the house now and I'm coming to get you" I then "realised" that he was a serial killer!:eek::eek::eek:
I tried to dial 999 but he had cut the lines.... I then woke up!!!

Last night my dream started off really nicely. I was on this very small lush island. It was called "Edringham" or something similar. It was a small island just off the coast of Kent!?:confused:

I was sitting outside at a cafe telling people how nice the place was and I couldn't work out why I had never heard of the place before. It was lovely. However, it then started to turn abit sinister.

I was walking round the island and I started to come across alot of beggars and homeless people. I then suddenly fast forwarded and appeared to have moved to the island. I had a really good job for a very high powered business woman which I was finding tough as I was carrying around a new baby!?:confused:

I then walked past a newsagents and one of my friends went in. He then pulled out a huge gun and threatened the owner. I'm not sure what happened but he ended the one getting killed.......I ran off!

I woke up and then fell back asleep for another lovely dream! This time I was in hospital with a mask on my face. I kept drifting in and out of consciousness. The nurses were trying to keep me awake and had me sitting up. They then told me that they were going to put my head back on my body!:eek::eek:

I looked across and saw my body on the hospital table next to my bed!:eek: It was just the torso:eek:

The nurse lifted it off the table:D and brought it over to me and then my head kind off molded back on to it - it gave me a really strange sensation! lol - don't know where my legs or arms were - rofl

How's everybody elses dreams/nitemares been over the past few days?
I,ve been having a lot of disturbing dreams and all about close family members, never had dreams about food at all, in fact some of the dreams I,ve been having about myself and my family, I,d much rather I dreamt the whole of tesco,s than that!!

Nikki x

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