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Been on tfr for 6 week nearly 7. Over the last few nights I have been dreaming off eating food! The funny thing is that I am not dreaming off bad food but a steak salad!!! How random I would never have that!! Anyone else dream off food or is it just me! I think my body is trying to tell me it's had enough!!
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goingtobeslim x
i'm into my 4th week and only a couple of times during wk1+2 i dreamt about food, it's because we are not allowed any we are still thinking about it so it's probably lodgeing in our brain, not quite sure. maybe you ate a steak salad cause your body wants to start eating healthy, i really haven't a clue. alot of people on here have had dreams about food so don't think you are going crazy and alone lol :)
no def not alone I was dreaming about eating food the other night and woke up feeling really guilty. It was so so strange!! Glad I am not the only one!! Maybe you are just thinking about refeed or something...


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Hi there

No dreams about food but I had a really really scary dream the night before last. I felt my face start to sag on one side as if it was being pulled down and then I tried to speak but I couldnt get the words out. I was sitting on a chair with wheels on (like an office chair) and it was suddenly jerked backwards as though someone was pulling me really fast towards the door of my house and they were saying "Stroke" "Stroke" "Stroke".

Woke up with a start. That scared the bejesus out of me. Boy, am I sticking to LT!!!

Not only dreams about healthy food, but going shopping with the other half, would normally bypass a lot of fruit/veg... now i look at it dying to rip open a bog of lettuce, and start munching on carrotts.... weird i know.
was at my mums caravan today put forgot my second shake. was really hungry so i chewed on some dulse do es any one think i have messed up i hope my key thingy is ok x lol

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