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No, not the glass of wine type - just wondering what EXACTLY it's okay for me to drink...

I'm on day 4, and have just got some peppermint tea, and also some hermestes sweetners - can I have these just now, or should I wait a few more days?

Also when can I try a can of coke zero - should I wait again?

Have been testing quite often for ketosis (amazing how peeing on a stick and knowing that you're actually buring fat there and then can stop you going for that bit of bread), and I've been about medium since the end of day two.

Don't want to put the first weeks loss in danger, or start feeling again like I did on the first day...

And some one said something about Marigold Bullion or something???

Thanks, in advance guys and gals...:)
I'm only drinking water, it helps you lose the weight so it's just that for me!

Where do you get the "pee-sticks" from??!!!

Am drinking 5+ litres as well! Like to be well watered!

Just go to the pharmacy and ask for Ketostix - mine were £4.95 ish from Boots.
Brill thanks for that!! I'm on day 4 now!
If you're already drinking 5+ how do you find time to fit anymore in???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I never don't have a drink. I've always got a glass of water or black tea etc at the moment. I need to speak a lot at work, so need to drink for that anyway, otherwise I just end up with a sore throat. If you've got a drink next to you all the time, then you kind of drink it without thinking about it I find.
Here is a tip! Everytime you go to reply to a post, have a drink! every time you go into the kitchen have a drink, everytime someone gets up at work to go for a break have a drink! I found it really hard (and on some days still do!) But I find when I drink a lot, i often wake up really thirsty so now I take a bottle of water to bed with me, if i get up to go to the loo I have a drink and another one as soon as I wake up, that can help with your intake too!
The earlier you start drinking in the day the earlier you can finish, i find this reduces the trip to the loo at the beginning.