Drinking Water?


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Seeing as coffee and tea are water just flavoured essentially I cant really see that working!

I drink 2 lts a day, it is good for you, as often we think we are hungry when infact we are just thirsty (or in my case bored!)


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my losses are also better if i make a huge effort to drink just water/squash.


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ooooh i am going to try and drink 2 litres of water now this week and see what happens xx


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Tea is a diuretic, which makes your body get rid of water, so not good at keeping you hydrated. Drinking lots of water helps to keep your metabolism high, and flushing through any toxins.


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Yeah drinking a lot of water flushes your body out nicely, it also helps your body to stop retaining water.


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too much caffeine from tea or coffee, as well as drinking too many fizzy drinks etc, can actuallly have a negative effect by making you bunged up, especially because SW is such a high fibre eating plan.

Drinking water helps to loosens stools, so you should always make sure you are drinking enough of it when you diet consists of high fibre.

A good tip is to have a cup of warm water every morning before starting your day, as this will help get your bowels moving :p. If you can't stand just the plain warm water on it's own, you can add a bit of lemon to it.


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There's a further reason why drinking lots of water helps. Part of the 'flushing out' effect is because, if you don't get enough water, your kidneys can't do their work properly. As a lot of their job is filtering the liquids you ingest, non-water beverages can actually mean your kidneys have to work harder.

If your kidneys can't keep up with their workload, the liver has to help out. Which means that the liver can't do it's own jobs as effectively. And as the liver's jobs include processing vitamins, proteins, fats and other nutrients, regulating some hormones and enzymes, and processing any alcohol and other toxins you ingest, if the liver can't do it's job effectively, your metabolism slows doen and you're not going to lose as much weight.


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i try to drink 2 litres a day, sometimes i drink more than that and some days i dont even drink 1 litre. I have heard that drinking 2 litres a day also helps to get rid of cellulite.... does anyone know if this is true?? x


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I have heard that drinking 2 litres a day also helps to get rid of cellulite.... does anyone know if this is true?? x

Well, it would help to reduce the toxins in your skin, so could minimise it... not sure it would actually 'get rid' of it though.


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Don't go from drinking lots of caffeinne to drinking lots of water though, it will make you feel like utttter poop. Need to decrease it gradually because a sudden stop will shock your body and cause nasty headaches and tiredness.


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Another one to throw into the ring here is drinking hot/warm water.

I have two people at work who do this - they swear it aids everything from indigestion to constipation - not sure how warmer water differs from cold, but then again I'm no doctor!


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Since I recently got a desk job, I've been drinking water instead of snacking!

I've had less headaches since, and I usually drink about 2L a day. Sticking to this properly this week, and hoping forr a good loss next week. A lot of people swear by Water Week's!



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Someone has just suggested to me that I drink more water and I am going to take their advice however i do have one question....

Is it ok to add a sugar free squash (syn free) to the water or should it really be plain water? :wave_cry:


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I often add sugar free squash and I think I might've read somewhere that it's fine to drink squash, as well as water.