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Hi, I drink tea and coffee. I don't count them as a snack but I have started putting less milk in and I don't have any sugar. I drink the odd diet coke, have fizzy water with squash in it.

I don't drink fruit juices or smoothies though because they are full of calories. :D


S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
I drink mostly plain water, but have for years so no change for me there. I drink about two or three cups of tea a day with a bit of skimmed milk and no sugar (again no sacrificies there as another thing I've done for years). Don't count the tea in my cals. I've started drinking green tea again, usually have a cup a day although may start increasing this to two. I was drinking a can of diet coke most days too, as a treat, but haven't had any for the past few days as want to cut right down on it as thinking of my teeth lol and on a bit of a health kick this week ha!


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I drink about 2/3 pints of plain water a day and a couple of pints of weak squash.
Also will have about 1-2 tea/coffee a day but with no sugar and a little skimmed milk.
Can you drink too much??
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Normally, I have what my husband calls a firebucket (holds about 2 1/2 cups) of coffee twice a day. That's it. I'm just never thirsty. Now you can see why I have so much trouble choking down water. I don't dislike it, I just don't get the urge to drink. I know it is affecting me. Always constipated, retain water, dry skin, etc. I'm trying to change. :eek:
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I used to have coffee several times throughout the day. Now I have it rarely on an early shift or a cuppa as a treat now and again with sweetener. I have a lot of diet pepsi or dr pepper zero or squash (no added sugar). But during the day I am having a lot more water

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