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Driving Lessons

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Afternoon all :)

Well, I have my first driving lesson since November 2008 in 1 hour. And I am actually terrified!

I used to love driving. But then I had some money troubles with being made redundant, and had to stop taking lessons.

I had done 3 tests but failed them all. The examiner said I was a really good driver, but freaked out and did stupid things on each test.

So now, I decided it's time to do it, to do lessons again and try to pass my test. Mainly because my theory runs out on 6 November, so I have to pass before then or do the test again. The other reason is so that I can get my own car and not depend on my parents/family/friends to taxi me round.

But I'm not scared. What if I've totally forgotten how to drive? What if I get in the car and just totally freeze? I hope my instructor is nice. I'm going through BSM and my instructor is called Dave. Never had a male instructor before, hope he's nice.

I have 4 months and 1 day to pass my test...think it can be done?

I need to calm my nerves. I never get nervous, and I'm actually shaking! Whats wrong with me?!?!

Sorry for random rant, just needed to get it out to see if it makes me feel better..!!
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big bear

A bear on a mission!
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Hey you'll be absolutely fine. I hadn't done lessons in 4 years and when I went back it all comes back to you. I'm sure you'll be great and pass this time.

One bit of advise check how far in advance tests are in your area as some there is waiting lists of 12-14 weeks. Maybe if you book it say for sometime at the beginning of October you've got a date to work towards. That's what I've planned but i want to pass before Sept as I'm pregnant & the baby arrives 16th Oct lol I must be crazy but need to drive. Unfortunately my little golf which was for practicing in between lessons got stolen so makes it more difficult.

Good Luck, you'll be fine XX
C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
I think it went quite well :)

I got back into the car and it mostly came flooding back. He wants me to book my test for w/c 9/16 Aug. Eeeek! That's just over a month away! But its good that he has confidence in me right?

Good luck for your test hun - he was just saying most people fail their mock because of nerves. Take some herbal remedy and stay calm - I'm sure you'll do it! Let us know how you get on yeah? Sending you some good driving vibes! xxx

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