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Driving tests - how many attempts?


Yummy Mummy! xx
I have got my second driving lesson this afternoon which I am very excited about. I had lessons when I was 17 but moved away from area, never got back into it etc etc. On my first lesson last week she said that I just need to brush up and practise my manouvering skills and should be ready for test in June!!
How many attempts did it take you all to pass your test? Bit of pressure in my family 'cos both my sisters and my partner passed first time, think Im gonna be too nervous!! xxx
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Wishing and hoping!
I did not even complete first one, had a panic attack, got acute anxiety. but not worried if it takes me 17 times- because for me its overcoming my personal difficulties as Ihave Asperger Syndrome so a lot other things affect me!
I would say take your time, relax and don't put pressure on yourself!
I'm a snooty bum and passed my practical and theory first time but to be honest it's the luck of the draw because there could be some horrid people on the road at the time (Don't let this put you off).
I passed my theroy first time but had 5 fails and gave up gonna have another go later in the year. I was 17 (so 13 years ago). I've had a few lessons since but never put in for my test.


Call me Nicky xx
I started with a dreadful driving instructor, I completly lost my confidence and became a nervous wreck. I then changed instructors and got a fab guy. He gave me 6 lessons and put me in for my test.

I was lucky I passed first time at 17 (14 years ago), this was before the theory test, minimum 40 hour requirements and the show and tell element.

After having such a good and bad experience with driving instructors I decided that I wanted to be a driving instructor. I trained as a driving instructor (2 years ago) and passed the theory test and extended driving test 1st time but failed the teaching bit so I have to start all over again :(

I found taking the tests now much much more nerve wrecking than when I was 17!.
It took me five attempts! I can laugh about it now (35 years later) but it was no fun at the time. Especially as my mother-in-law had recently passed first time (although oddly, she never drove again once she had passed her test - no idea why!)

You will get there in the end - keep practising! Good luck.


Not evil at all
I passed both my theory and practical test first time! You will be absolutely fine, you can drive afterall! I used bach's rescue remedy on the day to calm my nerves, you could give that a wee shot if you get anxious :)
Theroy I passed first time, and driving test 2nd time, first time your always majorly nervous, so second it was for me x
Third time lucky for me - i passed my theory first time tho! :D dont give up whatever happens - the independance from being able to drive is immense!!! :D x


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I passed my theory 1st time full marks, took 8 tests and failed gave up for a year had to take my theory again by this time hazard perception had come in an passed 1st time, changed instructors and passed straight away second time round! Every examiner told me my driving was fine but my nerves got in the way!!

Mrs V

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Second time for me...failed first attempt in a quiet town in South Wales, but passed in London in rush hour traffic...think the Examiner was trying to hit on me! This was before the theory test came in too.


needs to focus!!!!
i passed my theory 3rd time, and have failed my driving test 3 times, but have to sit my theory yet again as my time has ran out, so keep putting it off :(. xx


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I passed my theory first time and driving test second time with only 2 minors which I am quite proud about lol. First time round I was far too nervous and did not know what to expect. The snobby swine of an examiner didn't help either! Don't put too much pressure on your own shoulders. If it takes you more than one attempt take it like a pinch of salt and enjoy your lessons! :D

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