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Dropping sizes?



This is the last time!!
We I have lost 13lbs in my first 2 weeks and my size 20 clothes have gone from indecently tight to sadly saggy already! Deffo not ready for an 18 yet, probably not for another stone/stone and a half. Quite enjoying the feeling of not having to struggle into my jeans and do lunges to loosen them up a bit lol!
I think that everyone is different though, a lot depends on your height and where you carry your weight. My weight clings to my bum/hips/thighs.
def agree with jabba, depends where you carry weight....I remember being at wt watchers awhile ago and the ww woman saying if you lose half a st thats the same as dropping a dress size:confused: NOT the case with me (or jabba). I have all the weight around my middle. To look at my face/legs you would think I was slim but my stomach actually looks like that of a pregnant woman lol! It would def take about 1 1/2 st to srop a dress size for me xx
I hear you, I am all middle and with gaining so much in the last few months I swear ppl think I am pregnant. Even had someone on the bus ask me if I wanted a seat, I was so upset


minimims stalker
ive lost 20lbs in 3 weeks but nothing is looser? its quite down heartening to be honest! my boobs are shrinking though much to my disgust i love my boobs lol
It always takes me a lot of weight to go down a dress size - at least a stone and half. Whether its because I'm tall I'm not sure. I guess its just down to the individual.

Franbella - 20 pounds in 3 weeks is amazing! Really surprised your clothes haven't felt looser. How have you found the CD?

Lou x
have lost 18ibs in 3 weeks, clothes defo looser especially trousers which used to cause muffin tops!! am thrilled to say skiny jeans fit well now too! bring on the end of week 4!!

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