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Drugged by Carbs?

Have been wondering about the effect that carbs may have been having on my mind and body without being fully aware of it.
I'm early days on vlcd, but I feel sharper with so much more get up and go and I've been wondering whether the amount of food I ate, or the type (specifically carbs) had a sort of drugging effect on me.
Has anyone else experienced this?
There's part of me now that wouldn't want to binge on carbs because I don't want that "slumped over" feeling back.
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Hi Carokokos,,,

Yep i've learn't that carbs make me very tired and funnily enough craving more carbs and sugary foods straight after...

but do I remember this all the time,,NO..but I always feel way more energetic whilst off the carbs on SS..
carbs Question

Totally agree. i have had no carbs no for 10 days and feeling completely alert and on top of it all.
Weirdly of all things i am craving is Malteasers but will not give in. Other than that it has just been CD supplements, loads of water and chicken salad!! ( with some swimming when i can find a window of oppotunity!!)
So was also beginning to wonder if new found super hero powers was due to lack of carbs, exercise and healthy eating or a combination :)

Answers on a postcard....
S xxx


Gone fishing
Darn things....why do they have to taste so yummy??!:rolleyes:
Funny you should say that, cos I've had a bit of a 'beige' day today:eek: When you think of it though, most carbs are relatively quite tasteless.

Not only that, I reckon most people are drawn to the carbs that have the least flavour...like white bread, rather than seeded stuff, or white pasta instead of wholemeal.

Wonder why we get drawn to them and love 'em so much:confused: Weird innit.


Gone fishing
No idea.......you constantly confuse my brain.....but I suppose thats a good thing? Maybe this confusion is actually just thinking?
:D :D You make me laugh Nicole. Yes...it is called thinking. Again..like turning off the comp when you have to work...takes patience, effort and desperation to get job done.

May I suggest you read "eat that frog" It's an excellent book on beating procrastination. Not that I've read it myself...but I get the jist from the title.

I still know carbs are yummers though!
That's it. Think simplistically. Much less tiring :D
I have found that without carbs it's great, but back on normal food I have splitting headaches. Do you think this could be carbs doing this to me?
Hiya,yes I feel it with the carbs I feel as though I have been drugged think i must be alergic to them!!
Starting SS tomorrow and I cant wait, looking forwrd to getting thinner.

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