Dry mouth


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Lovin it !!! :)
Yes !!!
My lips are really sore too & I constantly feel dry. I knew it wasnt the weather making my lips sore as its been mild.


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Yep I get dry lips on occasion so now have one lip balm in the car one in my bag and one at home LOL


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ive been the same for the last week or so, permanently got a lypsyl in my hand, the dry mouth isnt helping my sore throat much either


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I have dry tongue. :(

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I'm the same, how strange. I was blaming the gym, i've been everyday this week and just thought it was something to do with the way i breathe while working out LOL x


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I have a dry mouth all the time too, and it helps me to drink more water! I read somewhere it's one of the side effects of the diet. I carry a little tub of vaseline everywhere and a bottle of water. I don't have the flavourings or tea and coffee. I have had a cold lately which I blamed it on a bit, but hearing others have the same prob, it must be the diet.


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I have a dry mouth too!!! So i can also be in your 'dry mouth' club lol :) I carry around lipbalm, water, and it seems to help. I also carry breath spray so i dont knock people out when i talk to them lol its weird because if i had chapped lips then people would notice and look at my mouth then i tak and they get knocked out haha xxx


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Haha Tasha. I also invested in some sugar free breath spray, but it doesn't seem to last for long :(. My CDC said if I was desperate I could use sugar free gum and spit it out once my mouth feels fresher, but I know that would make me hungry!!!


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I chew on sugar free gum when i feel i need to. only for a minute or so to get the burst of minty freshness and then chuck it away. I haven't found that it makes me hungry, kinda like when you don't wnt to eat after brushing your teeth. You could always get a travel toothbrush and paste to keep in your bag so can just freshen up every now and then.
Same thing, dry mouth, bad breath etc. Tasha you made me laugh there cos my HB told me to stop breathing the other day - charming - didn't know he hated me that much - lol. He said my breath is vile so I have sugar free gum but will get some breath freshener!!! x


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LOL Slimside i think my bf would rather kiss my dog at the moment rather than me eeek!! Lol at your hubby telling you to stop breathing ... poor men, what they have put up with eh hehe! xxx