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Dry tongue???!!


Yes I find this too sometimes. I usually find a hot drink helps or brushing my teeth (and tongue) . My tongue is normally a yellow/orange colour (Comes off with brushing). its one of the side effects of ketosis i believe
I have bought a tooth brush for my tongue!!! I know they have tongue scrapers but I find a tooth brush works better, I put a peasize amount of tooth paste on it and brush away on my tongue, it leaves it lovely and pink and leaves a lovely taste in your mouth!!!!!! I do this as often as needed, usually 3 times a day x


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Try sparkling water. I found this helped with furry tongue !
Yup, all the above really help.
Thankd girls! It's not actually as bad today!!!!


wannabe yummy mummy
Oooh might try the sparkling water, it doesn't make any difference even after brushing for me :(
It gets better when youve been on the diet for a while i get a yuk tongue in the morning but after ive brushed my teeth and tongue its ok all day!in the first couple of weeks i had the feeling like there was a fur ball at the back of my throat but that goes after a while too!
deb xx
wish I could offer you a solution but after 13 weeks this is still a problem from time to time.:sigh:
I've had a yukky tongue all day and a reeaaally horrible taste in my mouth for the first time today. Hope its better tommorrow.

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