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due to start on the 1st of may


needs motivating
hi everyone, i just want to start by saying how glad i am i have found this forum, it is such an inspiration seeing all the pics and reading all your stories, im due to start the diet on friday 1st may and just need some support really, ive struggled with my weight forever and i have got to the point where i need to take drastic action, i am addicted to food and cannot stop eating even when im full, this worries me as im not sure if i will cope with no food :( i really hope i can as i want this year to be my last fat one, i cant seem to find a middle ground with food i either cut it out or cant stop eating it, i am 18 stone 3 lb and 5 foot 7 inches tall i want to get to 11 stone if i can.

was anyone on here as addicted to food as i seem to be and how did u manage cutting it out completly, will i get ill and ive read about hairloss why is this and is it alot, will i go bald :( mind you i wont need to worry about messing my hair up with my crash helmet lol

can you only drink water or black tea or coffee on this diet or can you have soft drinks too ?

also how do you cope when you have to cook for other members of your household ?

i am so determined to shed this weight and i hope im not setting myself up for a full :(

any help will be very much appriciated :cool:
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hi im due to start on the 6th of may and am exactly the same when it comes to food i eat all the time out of boredom and end up buying loads of crap when i go shopping. i think il find it hardest when i have to cook for my kids and when i go shopping. good luck in starting!
Hello Lisa xxx

Firstly Don't stress too much about doing CD. Yes it can be hard at times but honeslty the losses outway the small niggles you may have along the way.
The first 3days was a nightmare for me until I got into Ketosis. Day 3 was the worst. Have you read about ketosis? If not then please do. when your in ketosis you won't feel hungry anymore, if you do then it's your mind playing tricks on you, so you think you are hungry but its habit. I'm in week 2 and my mind is still playing tricks on me although everyday is better. Always have your sachets and drink pleanty of water. I try to drink about 3liters a day plain still or fizzy water only. you can also have black tea or coffee no sugar, thats the ONLY drinks you are allowed. I haven't lost any hair yet. (I hope I don't I very fine hair anyway) I'm quite fortunate to have husband cook his own food and our daughters so I don't have to deal with food but honestly once you are in ketosis you won't feel hungry at all.

Good luck, It's not an easy diet but if you stick to it 100% you will see the weight drop off rapidly. I am on day 12 and have lost 14.5 lbs so far.

You can do it!!! xxxxxxxx


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Hi Lisa

Just want to say hello and welcome. Once I got the first couple of week over, it got easier. Best of luck and keep determined.


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Hi lisa,

You'll be fine, the thing is not to worry about all the little things, CD works and thats what is important, after your first week, you will be so chuffed, hair loss, some people dont have any, others have a little its not enough for people to notice so i wouldnt worry about it, since starting CD i have found that i have become a feeder, I love to feed people, i wanst fussed on cooking before, not proper healthy cooking, but now i found i like cooking meals, it doesnt bother me i want to be slim more than i want to eat now, thank goodness, good luck there is so much info on minimins and lots of inspirational stories to keep you motivated - stones will soon be dropping off


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Hey Lisa..
Just wanted to wish you luck on your cd journey.. This forum really is fantastic and the support on here is amazing we are all here through the ups and downs of the journey..
Hey its not an easy diet in the sense of socialising etc. but if you want to really do it and lose weight and feel good its the perfect diet..
Drink lots of water take each day as it comes and smile, as your going to be SLIM!!!!
Good luck xxx


needs motivating
thanks everyone, well todays the day i have all my goodies and have started on my water already ( even though its 3 am lol ) i really hope i can do this x x x
Hey Lisa! Well day one for me too today! so Im with u on this one! Did do CD last year and lost about 2.5 stone and then became over absorbed in my life and less absorbed about my weight so put on a stone since then - I hit 15st and thought no way! So now plan is to lose at least 4 stone by my 30th Birthday with is nearly 5 months away! :) Trust me - if I can do this diet, then there is hope for anyone! lol ;)

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