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Dukan and hormones


I can if I think I can.
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So experienced Dukan ladies, this is a cry for help to stay on course. Normally after TOTM and in the run up to ovulation I am fairly disciplined and can pretty much take or leave junk food, but once I've ovulated and the hormones change for the end of the cycle I am a carb fiend - the stodgier the better, the sweeter the better.

The day after I ovulate I get the bloated tum, in the week after I'll get the sore boobs and lethargy. I know my TOTM will arrive 4-5 days after my 'teary' day. In the past food would have been my treatment of choice! :eek: I'm determined not to let that happen this time.

This will be my first cycle on Dukan. I found the time up to ovulation a doddle but since I ovulated it has become more difficult. Whereas others eating sweet carby food didn't bother me, in the last few days it really has. I've spent the last two days feeling really down and miserable - it took major effort to pysch myself up go out of the house. Yesterday I upped the pure protein and today feel 100% more positive. Sorry for the long waffly post but I'm just wondering does coping with the hormonal changes get easier the longer you are on Dukan?

Would long term Dukaneers please maybe share tricks and strategies they use to help us newbies?

Thanks, Lausanne :)Xx
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know your pain ....ive experimented the last few totm and the only plan ive formulated is upping the oatbran and amking something stodgy as a "better" comfort food yogurt cakes good for that .....

Apart from that the family have just learnt to scatter when a mood swing alert is given !


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For a wobbly day I break out the tolerated philly extra light (or supermarket equivalent) and make a 'cheesecake' with it plus sweetner, flavoured yog(or plain and coffee or cinnamon) and a bit of quark. Its not awfully sweet but feels like a comfort eat treat.

Want to break the habit of comfort eating, but its hard and finding a dukan friendly dessert stops me going off on one - so far this restart ;)

I suspect getting out for a walk or painting my nails would be a better option.


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I hopefully have some good news for you - as the proportion of fat in my body diminished, so did some of my hormonal swings. Body fat can actually amplify the effect of some hormones - which leaves you with a catch 22, but might help you to resist the call for carbs.

Now - to the immediate problem!
This is probably exactly the right time to pull out the tolerated treats to help you stay on the road.

My tricks include
- frozen yogurt whipped up with a teaspoon of cocoa powder.
- piping hot gallettes with lemon juice, greek yogurt, splenda
- home baked oatbran ginger cookies
- toffee muller muffins, cut in half and sandwiched with sweetened flavoured greek yogurt
- fruit flavoured sugar free gum


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When I feel like comfort food I make sweet quick spiced DD toast, see recipe area. With sweetened quark and cinnamon, eaten warm, it's comforting. I put Goji berries in it too.


I can if I think I can.
S: 12st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 1st11lb(14.29%)
Thanks for the replies. Put simply the message seems to be recognise that it's a difficult time and find Dukan friendly treats as a crutch to get through the 'wobbly' TOTM days. Satisfy the craving but don't banjax the eating plan. Makes perfect sense. :) Xx

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