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Dukan recipe book

Most people seem to think it doesn't add that much to the recipes in the book - and of course, on here.
Ah ok. Perhaps I won't bother then. Injust feel I'm getting a bit tired of my meals now. I'm loving the oatbran stuff (bread, muffins, galettes) but I'm a bit stagnent with my lunches and dinners
What are your favourite non-Dukan dishes? Perhaps we can suggest some recipes for you to try?
Thank you!

I'm Not really struggling when I'm at home but the problem is when I'm at work. I work shifts so, for example, this week I'm on afternoons all week and am having my main meal in work and I can't prepare food in the same way there
We do have an oven but if you spend time cooking a meal, chances are you get called out before you get to eat it so things need to be quick. Salad (PV) and cold quiche (PP) is getting boring.
All week I've had to sit next to people eating takeaways and although I've nor been tempted to get one, my dinner looks so dull in comparison.
My fast work lunch is a bowl of prawns (bought from tescos on the way in), mixed with lemon juice, a chopped spring onion, chopped coriander, a sprinkle of paprika and zapped in the microwave for a minute.

On PV days I do the same thing with cooked chicken and ready chopped stirfry veg (again, from tescos)

The takeaway eaters always look on with envy!

I sometimes snack mid afternoon on greek yogurt with a tablespoon of muller toffee spooned on top, or, on PV days, a bag of cherry tomatoes.
Also - why not take your dukan bread/muffins into work some days - a sandwich or sweet desert might make all the difference to your mood.


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Easiest I find is to prepare proper meals at weekends (or whenever you have your days off), and freeze in packages. Just need heating in a microwave then!

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