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Can anyone tell me a low syn recipe for dumplings, my mum wants me to make a butternut squash and swede stew which is for her marks and spencers magazine and its only 1/2 syn for that bit but the dumplings that go with it work out as 6 syns per dumpling!

My family don't know im on slimming world as i want them to notice im loosing weight, anyone got an alternative low syn recipe??
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This is donnie46's recipe

Couscous Dumplings (free on Green)

Take 1 cup of couscous and place in a bowl. Cover with a boiling hot stock of your choice depending on what you are eating them with chicken/beef/veg made with Bovril or a stock cube.

Leave to stand until all liquid is absorbed. Add 2-3 eggs beaten, place spoonfuls or use an ice cream scoop onto a plate sprayed with frylight and microwave for 7-10 mins until firm.

Place dumplings on top of stew/casserole for the last 15-20 mins of cooking so they absorb the flavour of the casserole.

I had a normal dumpling the other day, mmm if you have a packet dumpling mix and quarter the mix a dumpling is 8 syns mine was well worth it.


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I use 2 oz of flour at 9 syns and 1oz cheese a choice (or 6 syns) and that makes 4 for 2.5 (or 4 syns ) each

yummy and well worth the syns