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Duration question

Hi guys im new on this started today but wanted to ask something. I dont have a huge amount to lost i'd say stone and half at best. I only want to do this for a month. Would it be ok to do the diet for 3 weeks then 1 week re-feed. I will then continue my healthy eating life style change just wanted this as a head start.

Thanks in advance :) xx
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What's your BMI and what does your pharmacist say? You haven't really given us much info to go on! This isn't really a quick fix type of diet and it's far harder than you can possibly imagine.....
Ok......so now I can understand how you've been able to get LT but, perhaps, without, getting too much advice and help from your pharmacy!

You could do as you suggested and if you do I wish you every success but this diet is seriously hard work and takes a huge amount of commitment so if you're going to try and use it in order to get a good start you might as well go the whole hog! How much weight do you actually need to lose?

I did refeed for about three weeks, maintained for another six weeks or so and am now trying to lose the last half a stone by counting calories.

Good luck whatever you decide to do!
Hi. I just need to lose a stone maybe stone and half not much really seeing as thats the amount I would lose on this diet. I would want to do the re-feed I just dont want to mess up my body. Im 13'6 now want to get down to 12'6-12'2. I will do it for the month and see how it goes. I know it is an hard diet but I have the willpower so I know I can do it :)
Hi, i would definately speak to your pharmacist as only losing a stone will still leave you at the very top end of overweight on the bmi chart so i would guess they would probably recommend you stay on it for longer. on average you lose a stone a month (your first month usually being more than this).
the best person to get advice from is someone proffesionally trained in it all so your pharmacy really is the best person to ask x
You say you 'need' to lose a stone or so, is there a medical reason for this? Only I'm a bit confused by your post, if you have the willpower and are concerned about 'messing' up your body (your words!) then why are you doing LT in the first place? I can't understand why if you are able to, you wouldnt want to stick with it and get to a healthy weight!

What makes you think that you are going to mess up your body? What do you think is going to happen to you? And if you are worried in this respect then why not follow a conventional diet?:confused:
In the past two years i have put on 3 stone and two dress size. I wasnt normal weight then but i was healthy and happy. Im not now. I chose this diet because of the speed of the weight loss. Just want to get down to my weight i was. I can do that with this diet and lose the rest with healthy eating and exercise. I like food too much plus it will prove expensive. Just want to lose the initial stone as its the hardest then ill be fine.

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