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EA Sports Active 2

S: 32st1lb C: 28st11lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 56.2 Loss: 3st4lb(10.24%)

I am thinking of getting the EA Sports Active 2 fitness game to try get speed up the flab loss.

Is anyone on here thinking of getting it or does has anyone used the first version that was on the WII?

If anyone on here is getting it, I think we can setup a "friends list" group on the EA Website, if this is the case how about setting one up for WEMITTS members?

What does the community think?

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oo do let me know how you get on, i do wii fit plus but am open to splashing out on something new if theres gonna be a community of us going :D
S: 18st4lb C: 10st10lb G: 11st2lb BMI: 20.9 Loss: 7st8lb(41.41%)
I'm a Wii fit plus fan too. Tried the EA sports active, but there was too much jogging for my dodgey old knees:eek:. Will be interested to find out if version 2 is different.
I have sports active and do like it :) feels like its doing more good than wii fit. i generally only do bits of the running then give up though, still too much for me :eek: apart from that i love it though.
S: 32st1lb C: 28st11lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 56.2 Loss: 3st4lb(10.24%)
Thanks for the info.

I have tried a friends copy of version 1 on her Wii. I see what everybody means about jogging and jumping, I was sweating like a glassblower's ar*e! Unfortunately, this what I need to do to shift the flab.

I am definitely going to get the PS3 version and see how far I can get, and as I already use a PS3 as my media server.

When I have it sorted I will see if I can make a group or post my ID on here so we can sweat together!

Okay off to PLAY to preorder!

By the way I tried Wii fit but the balance board said "AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!"
I really like the first one, I hate the running part so just tick that i don't want to do it and do more of the other exercises. the dancing part is great fun!!

Will be good to hear what people think of the 2nd version


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I got the 1st version for my bday last year, I just put on the preset 1 hour workout (I think) and collapsed after 20 mins lol! It was making me do lunges, and I was knackered already so I literally lunged right over and haven't touched it since. Have been thinking about getting back into it and exploring it properly though, I think theres settings where you can pick what exercises you want to do and what length of workout, I really should have investigated this first!

Vixter yes you can pick easy, medium or hard, you can 'un' tick exercises you don't want to do in the programmes it gives you (like the dreaded running ;)), or you can make your own workout (any length/activity level) from all the exercises on the disc. It's very flexible :) . I'm sorta doing the 30 day programme but sorta not, but I've set up some custom workouts that i enjoy more (ie. 15 mins boxing gets my heart going but doesn't involve undignified poses ;)


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S: 25st12lb C: 20st5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 46 Loss: 5st7lb(21.27%)
Lol fantastic, I must give it a blast in the next week or so...
I'm noticing an improvement in my fitness levels but I'm still unfortunately ridiculously unfit!!!

I'll untick the running, I couldn't run the length of myself!!


S: 32st1lb C: 28st11lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 56.2 Loss: 3st4lb(10.24%)
Its Arrived

Hi There

Well, it arrived this morning just as I was leaving for work. The thing has been installed and I have had a little go and it seems pretty good, I'll let everyone know how it feels to use it "Properly" in a few days.

In the mean time I have set up a group should anyone wish to join. I have called the group "Wemitts" and if anyone wants the password drop me a message. (I think anyone can join if they have a PS3, Xbox or Wii)

Thank you and goodnight! (What am I doing typing this at 12:30am!!)
S: 32st1lb C: 28st11lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 56.2 Loss: 3st4lb(10.24%)
EA Sports Active 2 - Review

Well, it has arrived and installed.

After having a play with the program for a couple of days I have begun the real work of getting rid of the flab. Now, while I am not going to say that this is the answer to all of my exercise wishes, using this system does give me a reason to stop acting like a wally and change for good.

The program has a load of exercises for all levels of fitnesses, but to me I have most trouble with the squats and jumping exercises, trying to move this much flab in one "explosive jump" is outside of the capabilities of this man. However, I will persevier! Conversely I really enjoy the running games, I know weird!

As per the previous game you can choose from a "trainer" generated exercise or create a custom workout focusing on what you want to achieve. In my case I am looking to improve my overall fitness and so I am concentrating on the cardio exercises before going on to the strength exercises in a few months. The exercises are great and DO work as my thighs can testify.

Unlike the Wii version which can be cheated by wiggling the remote, the new version only uses the sensors to check your limb positions while the heart rate monitor transfers the data to the program which then calculates the calories used. Of course this is not perfect but is a great step forward as the whole system is now based on how strenuous your exercises are by your heart rate and not by how vigorously one moves the remote.

The online options in the "game" are exceptional. At the outset anyone can create a group, although each group is limited to a single platform, IE PS3, Wii or Xbox specific groups only. But it does give one an idea how you shape up with other users and does keep you motivated. As a side note, the first day I was using the online groups it all worked wonderfully, however, as more people are using the program the servers slowed down and for the past two days the whole online "group data" system has been down, apparently this is being worked on.

As this post is getting quite long I will wrap up.

EA Sports Active 2 is a worthy successor and should benefit all users at all fitness levels. With the program being available on 3 platforms this should allow more users to enjoy the pleasures and pains of having a virtual trainer in our living rooms.

So the question is "Should you buy it?" I would would say YES! but remember one must use the program and not let it gather dust on the shelf before any benefit is gained.

I have created a PS3 group on the system for us so if anyone wants to join the details are:

Group Name: WeMitts
Password: wemeanit

See you all online.

If anyone has any questions please get in touch.
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Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
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Ah wow thats a fab review DCTM - I'm not part of the WeMitts but I'm glad I had a look into this section tonight. I've been really wanting to buy EA2 but at the price it is I simply can't afford it yet and I wanted to know whether it was worth it or not. Your post has made me think that it is worth it so I'm going to start saving up if I can to try and buy it. I love the idea of the online groups - I need motivation like that. I wouldn't be able to join yours though as I own only a Wii.

I have EA Sports Active 1 and More Workouts. Loved them both but they've been gathering dust for a while now as to be honest it tires me out - I hate the running with a passion! I prefer to custom make my own workout.

Thanks again for the review, its one that I will be putting on my wishlist! :)
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So glad I saw this review, been um-ing and ah-ing over wether to buy it or not since before it was released, i have both the other two and do enjoy them even if they do make me work so hard I feel dead by the end :eek: . Think I'll try and get hold of it after Christmas when the delivery services return to normal and I probably have christmas bulk to shift on top of whats already here :xmascheers:.

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