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Early on what days did you find the hardest?

I found the first 4 days the hardest. From the sounds of it everyone has different bad bits and some lucky ones never have a bad spell! and hopefully you are one of the lucky ones xx
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I found day 1 and day2 easy peasy because I was so motivated - then the rest of the week up to day 6 was like torture I was so so hungry and miserable but from day 7 onwards it picked up and I was fine!


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Week 2 onwards is great x


weighs a lot less
i had a bad day on day 3 ,i was really emotional but then day 4 was fine ,in general week 1 is the hardest the weigh spurs you on after that ,im struggling a bit at the moment i can see a big difference in myself but still have 2 stone to go ,i wont give up though im really determined to be slim,you will find you have good days and bad days but just get through them as tommorow always seems better xxx
I think about day 4 was the hardest for me. Saying that, as soon as you get the first week out of the way, you notice a tremendous difference. My hunger stopped - to the point that i had to remind myself to make my shake. Whilst I wasn't hungry during week two it was only towards the end of it that my energy levels soared though. You will be great Mart! Julia x
Im only day 3 so far but day 1 was pretty hard
Day 2 was pretty easy and today has been easy so far as well.
does it suddenly get harder again later or is that first bit the hardest part?
I found a number of things hard on CD. Firstly, the actual decision to go and try it, I didn't believe it for me or that I could do it.

Secondly, I found and (still find) giving up the drink the worst! I:party0036: know it makes me sound like a raving alcoholic but I'd kill for a drink now! I still go out with my mates as often as I have always done but every now and again I feel like I really need a drink. Also when I have a bad day etc. But it passes and I glug another few litres of water!

Day 3 or 4 (can't really remeber) was the worst. But I kept myself busy and it passed. I think it is the thought of boredom, what to do when you would usually be having dinner/ cup of tea and biscuit etc.

First weigh in will be a real boost so try and make it that far and it should give you the motivation for another while.

Good luck.
Glad you asked that Mark was wondering the same - I'm on day 4 today not feeling low but v.hungry and feeling really weak with that can't be bothered attitude!! It is the 1st full day I've not worked and been on my wn so hopefull tmoro will be better still v. motivated t carry on tho - looking 4ward to weigh in on Fri defo!! Keep it up ur not alone!! xx


Desires to be slim....
I was bouncing off the ceiling from day 4....Full of energy!

A few early nights to increase your energy and you will be fine. Dont worry about it. The more you worry, the worse you'll feel....x
Why does everyone want to talk about hard days lol. You might just fly through without any issues whatsoever. I hope you do mister.

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