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Early scan

I have booked for an early scan as it is driving me nuts not knowing how far I have gone. Can not wait to see my baby and know for definate. I heard about my bf's brother girlfriend going for a scan and their was nothing in their - so scared that I am not pregnant. Altohugh I have done a ton of tests confirming I am and I have preg symtoms. I just need the reassurance :)
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I have decided not to book it at the moment and wait until the dr can cofirm when I am pregnant, but looking at the dates I am a lot later then I thought, as the other days don't match clearblue stick which says I am 3+ weeks which is about 5 weeks pregnant and the only date correlates with is my dated tracker. Me and my Oh worked out that we are closer to the 8+5 days :)
I have gone and booked an appointment for this coming Thursday - terrified but excited. I did it because I wont see the dr till Wendnesday and there is no way I will get a scan before Thursday and my OH is making me a little nervous as he worrying about.


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Just to let you know that if you are 8+5 then you will defo see something in the scan. I had a scan at 8 weeks and there was a definate blob shape but more importantly a little heart beat flickering away. The relief was amazing and i can highly reccomend a scan!


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good luck today bunny, hope all is well. x
Thanks Sarah83 and Gemma. Yes it is a relief to find out officially especially as when my OH was worryirng so much, it starts to scare you then :)
It was so nerve wracking but to see the heartbeat on screen is a magical moment for me and my OH. My OH was blubbing away, haha...


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So you're about in between the two - what you originally thought and what you changed to!

How exciting - and amazing you could see the HB too! There may be a chance you could be further along than you think though - it's difficult to date at this early stage (as you know from my early scans!) so don't be surprised if it's different again when you go for your 12 week. Bless your OH - I think my hubby was more emotional than me for mine too!!
Thanks Sarah, at least it is more accurately until then. My dr has done urine sample so it is a definate on the record :)

The problem with not knowing time is I had x2 periods so it was hard to work out!!!


The old me is coming back
Delighted to hear the scan went well. I had spotting earlier on in pregnancy and went for an early scan and bawled my eyes out when i saw the heartbeat, the relief was unbelievable!


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aw gorgeous!!! and thanks for sharing, glad all is well - it really is a miricle how this happens! x

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