Step2 810kcal Doingitfortheweddingday


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Well hello , hello, my name is Shan. I joined this forum last year but as of today I’m going to be living here🤣 this will be my diary of the highs and lows of me doing the one2one diet.
I am a mom of 2 currently on maternity leave with my baby son! Buttttt I’m finishing my leave this month and will be returning back early as I have a wedding to start paying for , for next year. So needs must mummy must start bringing the money 💰 home again.
I’m fat like really fat, I’ve been on and off diets for so long. I’ve had success yes but then I gain a few pounds then it adds up to a few stones. But no more! I get married next year summer.

I am booked in to have my first ever dress fitting in August this year. The dread of me in that fitting room with the assistant is worrying..... so Cambridge is going to help me sort myself out for sure. I’m not going to promise myself I will lose all of my weight on this diet but I am aiming for 2 stones off by August... most Definitely!! 😝

I will be starting on Monday 8th March! So please if you are reading come and say hi and make this diary you’re home tooooo. 🙃😉

Love S