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Easiyo yogurt

No this is my first attempt. Right I did not add sweetener last night , incase I wanted to use it as savoury. But I've just opened the tub after 11 hours , it's set I think.

Put some in a bowl, tasted it, very sour. Added sweetener and mixed it up, looked a little curdy , I ate it but it was still sour tasting.
I'm wondering if adding sweetener from the start helps?
It's not at all what I imagined, I imagined more plain taste and thicker like 0%.

Any tips anyone? :) xx
I put the sweetener in first cos it is bitter otherwise.Stick with it cos it is good yoghurt. Use less water if you like it thicker-make sure you are filling it to the first line not the second-makes huge difference in consistency.
Made my second attempt last night but from scratch, no sachet.

1 litre UHT skimmed milk
2 tbsp live yogurt ( taken from first batch)
2 tbsp Milk powder

6.5 hours later and after straining through Muslin I have like 0% Greek yogurt!
Bit disappointed there's only around 400 ml after straining though.
It tastes yummy x


There's massive threads on money saving expert website if you google. Honestly Lidl UHT skimmed milk is 52p ,I have Sainsburys basic milk powder,pennies. And you can use 2 tbsp of your last batch for around 5 batches of yog. After that I bought Lidl probiotic natural yogurt. People freeze this in ice cube trays and use 2 or 2 tbsp to make new batches of yog.

So that's around 65p for maybe three days yog or two. Instead of £2.10 easiyo sachets. Or buying mullers.
I love 0% Greek yogurt and it tastes just the same.

I may try leaving it 8 hours next time,see if I get less whey draining out and more yogurt left.
I'm so impressed ;)
It's so easy.
All you need is 2 tbsp dried milk powder.
A large carton UHT skimmed milk.
And then 2 tbsp 'starter live yogurt'
Which basically is 2 tbsp out yog made from easiyo sachet ( like I did)

Muslin cloth

Then from this first batch you make , you use 2 tbsp from that one. Recycling?

You can do this about 5 times or more. Until you have to start again with a new starter. I've bought today sainsburys 2 % natural yogurt ( it has to have live cultures, which most do now. Or yeo valley)

To make.

Pour milk from carton to easiyo container.
Add 2 tbsp milk power
Add 2 tbsp yogurt

Put lid on. Shake well.
Pour boiling water into easiyo as norm. Put container in. Lid on.
I did mine 10 pm. Left till 9 am this morning.

Put muslin cloth over colander pour yog into it, strain whey juice out for ten mins , just leave it dripping over sink/ bowl.

Pour yogurt into container.

Sweeten as when use with sweetener and fruit if wish.
You make use this savoury and sour it with limes.

Obviously it's my first week, it's learning curve. But mines like 0% Greek yogurt! It's lovely.

It's cost me around 70p? ( lidl UHT skimmed milk 52p )

Instead of paying £2 for easiyo sachet or 0% yog.

It sounds harder than it is once you get it. So quick. There's far more experienced people on money saving expert forums or google.


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