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Easter Challenge anyone???

Seven weeks to Easter and I am pledging to lose 21lbs. (not a huge amount but I would be thrilled with that).:fingerscrossed:

It is my first WI after restart tomorrow so all losses go towards my target. Anyone else out there want to get on board? :sign0163:
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♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Cool im in! :)
Wana lose 28lbs .... what date do we have untill???
Great Summergirl!!! I think Saturday 11th April should be the date. (Not many chemists open on Easter Sunday, Lol).


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Ah mine will have to be the 13th .... (or is that easter monday?!!) as i go chemists mondays! :)
Me too, so it is a bit awkward. Perhaps, we can go on our on WI that day for once. I know my scales always weighs me half a stone less than the Chemist (if only it was right).


Doing it for my girls!
I'd be up for that. I'll go 21lbs too, that will take me to about 13 st which seems unbeleivable to me! (but i would be sooo chuffed with it!!)

Claire xx



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
haha hmmmm im guna do mine on the tuesday - sats are awkward to me :p


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Welcome aboard poggy :D
Me too! I'll go for the 20lb too :) :)


My husband = My hero
ohhh i wana join in but i go to barcelona on the 9th lol so i will b superfat when i come back!

best of luck everyone xxx


Getting thinner everyday!
Yes please. I'll go for 21lbs as well.

Alex :)
I'm going to Spain on 9th too, but I will be able to get weighed on the Saturday and post the result. Anyway, the day we get weighed doesn't really matter, it is just something to work towards for the next seven weeks.


My husband = My hero
ok ok im in!!

19lbs to get to my 1st goal, and any extra is a bonus!



My husband = My hero
haha im a sucker for a challenge lol

Thankyou for havin me! xx

may aswell make it 21 :sigh: hehe xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
ok you's all going 21 (3lbs a week) and now i feel i am aiming too high! :(
Count me in.
Will be refeeding on the 14th March to the 29th March as I have two parties to attend so thats 2 weeks on refeed. So I shall keep it low and go for 15lb, thats 3lb a week for the 5 weeks I am not refeeding.
Good luck all !.
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sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
well to be honest i had the 10th april(my birthday!) as a goal anyway,i wanted to have lost 4st by then so iv got to loose 24lb(gulp!) so count me in!
hi sounds like a good challenge, can i come on board. only one problem got a weeks holiday in france in 3 weeks.

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